East Side Ministerial Alliance Inc

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East Side Ministerial Alliance Inc
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Founded in 1995, East Side Ministerial Alliance Inc is a religion-related nonprofit focused on christianity. It is a relatively small organization, with $270k in revenue and 3 employees. East Side Ministerial Alliance Inc is headquartered in Waterloo, IA and its president is Rev Jay Burt as of December, 2018.


Annual Budget
December 2018
+2% Growth
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Ema Promotes Christian Fellowship By Hosting Community-wide Revival, Thanksgiving Week and Holy Week Services. Ema Works With Individuals and Organizations To Help Meet Human Needs and To Help Alleviate Social and Economic Ills By Providing the Following


Ema houses the tri-county child and family development council(head start). Ema provides crisis prevention, intervention, and referal services for emergency situations. Ema works to improve the physical and social conditions in "at risk" homes by helping to create livable environments. Ema also assits families in financially stable homes in times of catastrophic circumstances, such as loss of job, major illness, etc. Ema administers funds for the community service of black hawk county in the form of utilities and rental assistance. Ema serves as an iowa career access point (icap) center to help clients overcome the barriers to finding employment. 2705 families were assisted in 2018.


Rev Marvin Jenkins Vice Preside
Rev Chuck Lane Treasurer
Rev Helen Seenster Secretary
Rev Lovie Caldwell Director
Rev Robert Holmes Director
Rev Thomas Flint Director
Rev Abraham Funchess Director
Rev Jay Burt President
Source: IRS 990