Educate Tomorrow

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Educate Tomorrow Corp
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Founded in 2003, Educate Tomorrow is an international, foreign affairs & national security nonprofit focused on international development. It is a relatively small organization, with $2.7m in revenue and 26 employees. Educate Tomorrow is headquartered in Miami, FL and its ceo, non-vot is Brett Mcnaught as of September, 2019.


Annual Budget
September 2019
+6% Growth
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In 2017 educate tomorrow served more than 700 youth and young adults through mentoring, life-skills, in school support, summer programming, a drop in resource center and programs at miami dade college and florida atlantic university as well as efforts to assist colleges and universities to support former foster and homeless students on campus through college coaching programs.


Virgnia Emmons Director, No
Kerry Rapport Director
Melissa Mccarthy Director
Chris Damian Director
Jason Mazer Director
Garth Headley Director
Jennifer L. Pakradooni Director
Donnie Hale Director
Melissa Visconti Director
Sarah Engel Director
Tony Jones Director
Erika Lucas Director
Erica Rubin Director
Antje Gibson Director
Melanie Damian Vice Chair
Darius Nevin Chairman
Patrick Gannon Chair of Fin
Brett Mcnaught Ceo, Non-vot
Source: IRS 990