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Working in Washington DC since 1989, EIA has identified and implemented solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. Our campaigns to protect endangered wildlife, forests, and the global climate operate at the intersection between increasing global demand and the accelerating loss of natural resources and species. EIA is a different kind of environmental organization with a unique combination of methods: undercover investigations of criminal activity, a wide variety of scientific, economic and social primary evidence, and campaigning expertise. EIA takes advantage of its independence and mobility to produce game-changing primary evidence. From remote villages in Latin America and Africa, to the negotiating platforms of the UNFCCC, CITES, and Montreal Protocol, we seek to connect with and empower civil society, facilitate dialogue amongst industry and global leaders, and promote frameworks that protect natural resources, wildlife, and the people that depend on them.


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Eia's forest campaign protects the world's forests, and the people, wildlife and global climate that depend on them, by exposing illegal timber operations through undercover investigations, campaigning for domestic laws that ban imports of products made from illegally cut timber, partnering with businesses and trade associations to make timber supply legal worldwide through the forest legality alliance, advocating for forest protection and governance safeguards in free trade policies, and strengthening forest governance, which in turn helps communities to thrive and forests to remain standing. Eia works actively in the unfccc, world bank carbon funds, international fora, and with national, regional and local governments and stakeholders to protect forests and the global climate through reductions in emissions from deforestation and degradation (redd+).

Elephants Campaign


Eia has been at the forefront of global efforts to protect elephants from ivory trade since 1987, working to close ivory markets internationally and nationally. We called for the u.s. And china to ban domestic ivory trade to help reduce poaching of elephants and demand for ivory. We investigate and expose illegal ivory trade in africa and asia and use our evidence to close ivory markets and to re-establish the total international ban on ivory trade which was dismantled when the convention on international trade in endangered species (cites) allowed legal ivory trade to japan in 1999 and to japan and china in 2008, stimulating demand for ivory and poaching.


Eia is leading the international effort for a global phase-out of hfcs--potent greenhouse gases that damage the global climate and chlorinated gases that are responsible for the antarctic and arctic ozone holes as well as one sixth of all global warming, while simultaneously engaging individual industrial sectors to facilitate immediate conversions from ozone depleting substances and hfcs to low-gwp climate friendly alternatives. Through analysis and activities within the montreal protocol, eia works with governments, industry and ngos to phase out hfcs-global warming gases hundreds or thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide. Eia also promotes climate-friendly alternatives for these gases, widely used in refrigerants and air conditioning.


Allan Thornton President
Mark Roberts Sr Coun/int Pol Adv
Ghaya Hassairi Finance Director and Operations
John Fitzgerald Board Member
Michael Brintnall Board Member
Brian Cox Board Member
Janine Ferretti Board Member
Andrea Johnson Bd. Member (, See Sch. O
Alexander Von Bismarck Executive Director
Lisa Handy Director of Forest Campaigns
Paul Zhang Coordinator
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