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The Elephant Action League is an environmental non-governmental organization founded in 2013 in the United States by Andrea Crosta, Gilda Moratti, and Francesco Rocca. EAL is based in Los Angeles, California.

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Wildlife Crime


Elephant Action League (EAL) was launched in 2013 to fight wildlife and forest crime, protecting endangered species and habitats it threatens by exposing the key players and modus operandi of the networks engaged in the illegal wildlife trade so they can be stopped and brought to justice. With decades of collective experience in professional security, intelligence and wildlife conservation efforts worldwide, EAL's team brings a unique skill set and expertise to the conservation movement. In the past four years, EAL has helped build awareness and a robust body of knowledge on the key players and modus operandi of criminal networks engaged in wildlife trafficking through detailed investigations in Eastern and Southern Africa, China, Hong Kong, South East Asia and Latin America. The organization leverages the experience and expertise of a global network of advisors, former law enforcement officers and skilled intelligence and investigative assets, as well as operational relationships with local organizations. EAL also developed and manages the first-ever wildlife crime whistleblowing platform, WildLeaks. As a result of these intelligence gathering and investigative activities, EAL has provided unique and timely information on trafficking networks, transit points and key traders to trusted contacts in law enforcement agencies working at various levels, including local law enforcement in various African countries, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and the United States. Equally important, EAL has strengthened the work of other frontline wildlife protection and global organizations working to end wildlife crime by 1) sharing public reports of our findings to inform their prevention and advocacy efforts, 2) providing direct support for capacity building, and 3) providing trusted conservation allies pro-bono use of WildLeak's services by collecting information on their behalf. Likewise, EAL has raised global awareness around the devastating human and ecological toll of wildlife crime through the #YouBuyIvoryYouKillPeople campaign and 'The Ivory Game', the most important documentary on poaching ever made, in collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio. A new important documentary, 'The Sea of Shadows', featuring EAL and its teams, on illegal fishing and the possible extinction of the vaquita porpoise in the Gulf of California, is in production and it will be premiered in January 2019.


Wildleaks.org. In 3 years the world's first whistleblowing platform dedicated to wildlife crime collected over 250 submissions, many of which very important. A report on Wildleaks is expected in Spring 2019.

Communication and Advocacy


Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in achieving global awareness that transcends the national political boundaries and facilitates a real collaboration between all the stakeholders. Enhancing communication efforts and engaging governments and the public opinion with facts and new points of view are among the most noteworthy functions of any NGO, and in particular of the Elephant Action League. We believe in a participatory approach that directly involves those who have a stake in wildlife conservation, law enforcement, and education. It is not just about wildlife and the way it is exploited worldwide. It is also about people, the hard work in the field by individuals, nonprofit organizations, and wildlife agencies. It is also about the increasing loss of courageous self-sacrificing rangers, and the role of criminal syndicates, militias, and terrorist organizations in the illegal wildlife trade. Communication is also advocacy, which should always be at the core of any environmental organization, for its central role in shaping public perceptions and working to influence public policy in order to achieve positive and long-lasting changes. EAL strives to always engage the stakeholders with courage and humility, to focus on concrete and effective activities, and to remain independent and outspoken.


Francesco Rocca Director and Treasurer
Mathilde N. Hoogendoorn Director and Secretary
Ermengilda Moratti Director
Andrea Crosta Director and President
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