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Founded in 2013, Elkhart Education Foundation is an education nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $462k in revenue and 44 employees. Elkhart Education Foundation is headquartered in Elkhart, IN and its executive director is Ashley Molyneaux as of December, 2018.


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December 2018
+37% Growth
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Kindness To Prevent Blindness


Good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential. Studies show behavior problems go down and academic success goes up when children have corrected vision. In collaboration with boling vision center and other local providers, this initiative is designed to ensure success in education through accurate eyesight. Kindness to prevent blindness is a mobile vision clinic that visits 68 schools across 2 counties, offering medical eye exams and 2 free pairs of glasses for students in need! number of persons benefitted: 4,000.

Extracurricular Grants- the Evidence Is Overwhelming and Compelling


Participation in student activities increases standardized test scores, gpas, graduation rates, college acceptance and college success rates. Extracurricular activities are one of the most effective tools in increasing student engagement and graduation rates. Eef provides scholarships to cover individual and/or team participation fees for arts, athletics, or academic club in exchange for community service hours. Number of persons benefited: 4,237.

Innovative Teaching Grants- the Best Teaching Methods Come From Our Greatest Assets


Educators. We support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students for bright and rewarding futures. Eef provides innovative teaching grants to educators who have developed engaging lesson plans that promote curiosity and a love for learning. Number of persons benefited: 1,800.


Heather Gerlach Secretary
Andy Kominowski Treasurer
Hassen Hakim Vice-president
Hayley Boling President
Arvis Dawson Board Member
Lora Minichillo Board Member
Jennifer Lefever Board Member
Brandon Arnold Board Member
Brandon Gerlach Board Member
Luke Lefever Board Member
Babette Boling Board Member
Douglas Mulvaney Board Member
Nick Corpe Board Member
Andy Wyse Board Member
Anne Vondervellen Board Member
Ashley Molyneaux Executive Director
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