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The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is a think tank based in Washington, D.C., focusing on national security and foreign policy. Its political leanings have been described variously as either nonpartisan or neoconservative. FDD holds events throughout the year, including its annual Washington Forum, briefings on Capitol Hill, expert roundtables for public officials, diplomats, and military officers, book releases, and panel discussions and debates within the policy community.

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December 2018
+12% Growth
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Research, communications, and education on issues related to international terrorism and the defense of democratic societies and institutions.

Iran Project


Policy research, analysis, and education addressing iran's support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Other Research Projects


To provide research on terrorism and related issues on a timely basis.

Sanctions and Illicit Finance


Fdd launched a center that focuses on sanctions and illicit finance to examine how democracies can use sanctions as economic coercion, deter illicit finance, and defend themselves against economic warfare.


Cyber threats-a project to promote a greater understanding within the us government, private sector, and allied countries of the threats and opportunities that hostile cyber attacks against a nation intended to weaken an economy and thus reduce its political and military power


Mark Dubowitz CEO
William Mccarthy COO
Jonathan Schanzer Senior Vice President
Lennert Leader Director
Bernard Marcus Director
Leonard Abramson Director
Eric Dezenhall Director
David Naftaly Director
Mark Pruzanski Director
Kenneth Schwartz Director
Larry Hochberg Director
Mark Pelson Director
James Litinksy Director
Brian Bilzin Director
Timothy Gordon Director
Clifford May President
Lawrence Muscant VP of Development
Reuel Marc Gerecht Senior Fellow
Thomas Joscelyn Senior Fellow
John Hannah Senior Counselor
Yaya Fanusie Csif, Director of Analysis
Anthony Ruggiero Senior Fellow
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