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Feed More is the core hunger-relief organization for Central Virginia made up of the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels Serving Central Virginia and the Community Kitchen. Working together to efficiently and effectively fight hunger to enhance lives in our community, the Feed More programs provide hunger relief to our region's most vulnerable populations, particularly children, families and seniors to.

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Feedmore's food bank serves approximately one-third of the commonwealth of virginia's area across 34 central virginia cities and counties. In partnership with over 260 food pantries and soup kitchens, we distributed over 26 million pounds of produce, protein, and non-perishable foods in fy2018, or approximately 71,000 pounds each day. In addition to the food distribution center, the food bank's other central programs include mobile pantry, which delivers groceries each month to approximately 2,200 households in 20 locations that do not have adequate access to a grocery store; and childhood nutrition programs kids' cafe (over 450,000 meals and snacks are served annually to 7,000 children), backpacks (annually nearly 55,000 are sent home each friday with almost 2,000 children attending 52 schools), which help ensure food-insecure children are nourished at the end of the school day and over weekends during the school year and at community sites during the summer.


Feedmore's central senior nutrition program, meals on wheels, provides up to two meals each day to over 1,400 homebound seniors who are unable to cook for themselves living in 14 cities and counties living within a food-safe driving distance of two hours. Volunteers help prepare, pack, and deliver meals that reflect the medically necessary restrictions of 14 therapeutic diets to individuals living on one of 93 different delivery routes. Meals on wheels staff and volunteers also provide a daily safety check to these seniors helping ensure they are able to continue to live independently in a safe environment bringing comfort and confidence to both the client and his or her family.


The community kitchen is feedmore's production quality facility that prepares the meals and snacks provided through feedmore's central hunger relief programs. Each day, well-trained and certified staff and dedicated volunteers create meals that are nutritious, appealing, and reflect the individual needs of clients who have specific dietary needs. For more detail on any of these generally outline programs, please visit our website at feedmore.org or contact the feedmore development office at 804-716-3249.


Richard E. Core Jr. Secretary
Mike Morrell Chair
Dan Scarvey Treasurer
Carlos Brown Vice Chair
Douglas Pick Chief Executive Officer
Timothy Mcdermott Chief Development Officer
Marycatherine Savage Chief Human Resources Offi
Norm Gold Former Chief Operations Officer
Jory Berson Director
Dr Valerie Bowman Director
Thomas Byrd Director
Sheriff Vanessa Crawford Director
Tim Beane Director
Pastor Ralph Hodge Director
Carrie Estes Johnstone Director
Dwight Jones Director
Katharine Kenny Director
Darcy S. Oman Director
Danny Robinson Director
Jeanne Sarmento Director
Derek Swanson Director
Charles F. Phillips III Director
Kamran Raika Director
Ellery Sedgwick Director
Tom Weir Director
Julie Leatherman Chief Financial Officer
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