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Florida Polytechnic University Foundation Inc
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Florida Polytechnic University is a public university in Lakeland, Florida. Created as an independent university in 2012, it is the newest of the 12 institutions in the State University System of Florida. It is the state's only public polytechnic university, and focuses solely on STEM education.

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June 2019
45% Loss
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The foundation's sole purpose is to build the assets necessary to support the university and its endeavor to prepare bright and eager minds to be today's answer to tomorrow's questions. Foundation provided scholarships for the fall and spring semesters for university students as well as grants to compensate university employees.


Ford Heacock Chair
Alice Hunt Vice Chair
Derek Horton Treasurer
Ralph Allen Director
Todd Baylis Director
Gregory Fancelli Director
Rob Kincart Director
David Mann Director
Dr Sijo Parekattil Director
Blake Paul Director
Shelley Robinson Director
Loretta Sanders Director
Lauren Schwenk Director
Donna Slyster Director
Vic Story Director
Seretha Tinsley Director
Dr Michael Tolentino Director
Don Wilson Director
Kathryn Mizereck Director
Kevin Aspegren CEO
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