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Food & Water Watch is a Washington, D.C.-based non-governmental organization group which focuses on corporate and government accountability relating to food, water, and corporate overreach.

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Food and water watch provides public education about health and environmental issues in regard to food production that is sustainable, local, chemical-free, clearly labeled, family-farmed, and humanely raised.

Climate and Environment


The climate and environment program focuses on pollution trading schemes, water market, and the privatization of nature.



The water watch program educates and advocates about affordable, publicly controlled drinking water,health and environmental dangers of bottled water, health and environmental dangers of fracking and fossil fuels, the importance of moving from fossil fuels to safe, renewable energy and the importance of public investment in infrastructure.


Maude Barlow Chair
Rudolf Amenga-etego Director
Robert Hawarth Director
Elizabeth Peredo Director
Mary Ricci Treasurer
Lisa Schubert Director
Wenonah Hauter Executive Director
Lane Brooks Chief Operating Officer
Patricia Lovera Deputy Director
Patrick Woodall Research Director
Malcolm Lakey Director of Development
Michele Merkel Co-director, Fww Justice
Mark Schlosberg Co-director, Organizing
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