Friends of Liberia

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Friends of Liberia Inc
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Founded in 1987, Friends of Liberia is an international, foreign affairs & national security nonprofit focused on international development. Friends of Liberia is headquartered in Washington, DC and its treasurer is David Holmes as of December, 2019.


Family Literacy Initiative


Together with hippy-international and we-care, we are committed to a program that will (1) increase parents' literacy levels along with their children's, and (2) will have a lasting and sustainable two-generation impact.


Small grants to various organizations to aid in the support of education and development relating to liberia.


Sarah Morrison Chairman
Alison Mcreynolds Membership Coordinator
Don Drach Education
Monica Gadarki Secretary
Tbd Vice Chair
Pat Mcgeorge Health
Myrna Petors Communications
Blidi Stemm Trustee
David Holmes Treasurer
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