Georgia Food Bank Association

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Georgia Food Bank Association Inc
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Founded in 1998, Georgia Food Bank Association is a human services nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $795k in revenue and 8 employees. Georgia Food Bank Association is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and its executive director is Danah Craft as of December, 2018.


Food Procurement


Secured and distributed more than $3.6 million in grant funds to gfba member food banks as part of the gfba capital capacity building program. This program increased their capacity to acquire and distribute more fresh, perishable food through investments in new buildings, expanded cooler/freezers, and more food handling and distribution equipment. These investments support their goals of increasing the overall amount of food they are distributing by 7.5% per year over the next five years. Successfully raised 1.2 million pounds of food for member food banks with 5th annual legal food frenzy with help from the attorney general's office and young lawyers division of the state bar of georgia. This friendly competition engaged more than 15,000 members of the legal community in the fight against hunger. Successfully raised $108,000 for member food banks in the 3rd annual georgia accounting food fight with the georgia society of cpa's by engaging 51 accounting firms in 7 cities in a two week competition to raise food and funds for gfba food banks. Launched the inaugural "bytes for bites" food/fund drive competition with members of the technology association of georgia to raise more than $26,000 for member food banks statewide. Gfba's farm to food bank program generated donations of more than 11 million pounds of fresh produce from georgia farmers to gfba members and other food banks in our network in 2016. The farm to food bank regional fresh produce solicitor worked with the georgia department of agriculture, georgia farm bureau, and georgia fruit and vegetable growers association to educate farmers about their ability to donate produce to member food banks and solicit donations of fruits/vegetables

Childhood Hunger


Gfba entered into a strategic partnership with share our strength to launch the "feeding for a promising future - no kid hungry" campaign to increase the number of children who have access to usda nutrition programs like summer meals (sfsp), after school meals (cacfp) and increase the number of organizations participating in snap outreach to eligible families with children. Sos continued to be a funding partner in 2016 along with a significant grant from the arby's foundation. Arby's foundation funding provided $100,000 in capital investments to organizations wanting to expand their feeding programs as well other funding and staff support needed to promote access to the sites through marketing, outreach and education. In summer 2016, summer meal sites operated in 154 of georgia's 159 counties.

Advocacy and Awareness


Gfba informs its member food banks about legislation at the state and federal level that impact hunger programs and engages in direct contact with lawmakers to inform them about those impacts and suggest appropriate action. In 2016 this included the renewal of sales tax exemptions for bulk purchase of food by food banks and sales tax exemptions for food that is donated to food banks for hunger relief. It advocates for support of nutrition programs contained in the farm bill. It works directly with state and federal agency staff administering usda nutrition programs for children (sfsp, cacfp) and adults (tefap -usda commodities) to advocate for rule changes that streamline programs or enable them to reach more children and adults who need them. It publicizes these efforts and builds alliances with strategic partners to increase the public's awareness about the important role that the food bank network and these nutrition programs play in hunger relief in georgia.


John Becker Chairman
Mary Jane Crouch Vice Chairman
Kyle Waide Secretary/treasurer
Gina Crumbliss Board Member
Travis Mcneal Board Member
Frank Richards Board Member
Doug Rohme Board Member
Frank Sheppard Board Member
Christa Mannarino Past Board Member
Danah Craft Executive Director
William Bolling Capacity Building Consultant
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