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God's Pit Crew is ready, trained and prepared to respond to the seemingly increased threats of natural disasters and major crises. God's Pit Crew has delivered and helped distribute tens of millions of pounds of relief supplies (water, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, food, diapers, etc.) into disaster areas. Our volunteers have cut thousands of trees off of people's homes, gutted houses, patched roofs, totally rebuilt homes and churches and they have prayed with people and given them hope in their time of need.


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December 2019
+1% Growth
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2017 was unprecedented for gpc in disaster response. Gpc responded to three major hurricanes, harvey, irma and maria. Gpc delivered 148 tractor loads of supplies, delivered 2.9 million pounds of supplies, distributed over 50,000 cases of bottled water and rebuilt four homes in texas and one church in florida. Gpc also was able to send 13 containers of relief to puerto rico after maria impacted that area in September.


2017 saw a big increase in the assembly and distribution of the blessing bucket program. This program assembles five gallon buckets with essential relief supplies such as bottled water, canned food items, toiletries and various other items that are distributed into disaster areas. Gpc assembled and distributed over 15,444 buckets just since August 2017 into the three major hurricane areas responded to.


The product partner distribution program continued to meet the need here locally and regionally as gpc continued to supply over one hundred non-profit agencies with water, beverage and food product for their individual programs to distribute to individuals and families in need. This includes giving each partner agency on average at least 2 pallets of product every other week that they in turn distribute to their clients. Gpc has been a product resource for many non-profit agencies for over 8 years. This year gpc distributed nearly 5 million pounds of product with a gifts in kind value of $6 million to these agencies.


Tim Nuckles Chairman
Danny Marshall Director
Paul Parker Director
Tim Hill Director
Kathy Soyars Director
Tracy Stone Vice Chairman
Jackie Poe Director
James Hodge Treasurer
Jonathan Falwell Director
Patricia Mcguire Director
Barry Riddle Director
Roger Ewing Secretary
Alex Burgos Director
Tony Stone Director
Tom Pettis Director
Barry Armstrong Director
Micheal Newcomb Director
Joseph Byrd Director
Lindsey Ward Director
Keith Hawes Director
Randy Johnson President
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