Good Fellows Club

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Good Fellows Club Inc
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Founded in 1935, Good Fellows Club is a recreation & sports nonprofit focused on recreational clubs. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.2m in revenue and 3 employees. Good Fellows Club is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and its treasurer is Thomas A. Meckley as of December, 2018.


Annual Budget
December 2018
+9% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending



The good fellows club provided financial assistance, food, shelter, utilities, and medicine to individuals and families in need amounting to $745,238 for the year ending December 31, 2018.


Mac Everett President
John W. Harris Vice President
Peter A. Pappas Secretary
Kevin W. Bailey Director
Bishop George Battle Jr. Director
George E. Battle III Director
Thomas M. Belk Jr. Director
Erskine B. Bowles Director
Sam Bowles Director
Charles F. Bowman Director
Derick Close Director
Adam Currie Director
George S. Dewey Iv Director
W. Frank Dowd Iv Director
Frank E. Emory Jr. Director
Peter S. Gilchrist III Director
J. Frank Harrison III Director
Greg Johnson Director
Graeme M. Keith III Director
Ed Mcmahan Jr. Director
Thomas C. Nelson Director
Joseph G. Piemont Director
Mark Reed Director
Mike Rucker Director
Richard Stick Williams Director
G. Ken Thompson Director
James H. Woodward Director
Thomas A. Meckley Treasurer
Source: IRS 990