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Good360 is a 501 charitable organization located in Alexandria, Virginia. The organization's mission is to help companies donate excess merchandise to charities instead of destroying it. In 2015, it was ranked the 39th largest charity in the United States by Forbes magazine.

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At good360, we bring together nonprofits, individuals and companies to make a greater social impact in communities around the world. We work with our partners to deliver more than $300 million in product donations each year to our 63,000+ nonprofit members across the globe. Our nonprofit partners receive the resources they need to help their communities, and corporate and individual donors witness the tangible good from their giving. From books for children to clothing and personal care items for disaster victims to mattresses for homeless shelters or technology for schools, good360 gives corporate product donations a new and sustainable afterlife by keeping them out of landfills. We help companies achieve zero-waste initiatives while fulfilling the growing needs of our network of pre-qualified charities.


Bob Schwartz Co-chairman
Matthew Connelly Co-chairman
Michael Avis CFO
Shabab Gruberg CIO
Shari Rudolph CMO
John Grugan Director
Maria Martinez Director
Saul N. Ramirez Jr. Director
Peter Resnick Director
Rosemarie Ryan Director
Matthew Shay Director
Mark White Director
Howard Sherman CEO
Richard Barney EVP of Partnerships
Stephane Moulec Senior Director, IT
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