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The forerunner of today's Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation was the Grayson Foundation, established in 1940. From the beginning, the Foundation's aim was to support research at existing institutions rather than carry out the research itself. The Jockey Club, which has served as the North American Thoroughbred breed registry since 1894, created its own research Foundation in 1984. Five years later, The Jockey Club Research Foundation was merged with the Grayson Foundation, to be known since then as the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. In recent years the combined Foundation has been able to allocate more than $750,000 annually in grants. Grayson-Jockey Club is a leading source of private funding of veterinary research specifically to benefit horses. Since 1983, the Foundation has provided $24.8 million to fund 346 projects at 43 universities (through 2017).


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Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation is a leading, non-profit charitable organization that any horse lover can join. We are committed to the advancement of horses of all breeds, and funded 21 grants in 2017 totalling $1,508,542. We exist to help all horses by funding excellent and significant veterinary research at universities throughout north america and beyond. The organization has no alliance with any one university, so it is free to fund the best research regardless of where it takes place. The research conducted today is helping recruit and train the researchers for tomorrow, giving extra impact from the foundation's funding. Aside from such staff assistance, however, the foundation does not pay the principal investigator's salary and minimizes overhead subsidies, therefore directing the majority of the grant dollars to research.

Source: IRS 990