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Greenwich Library
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Greenwich Library is the main library in the Greenwich library system of Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. The Greenwich Library system consists of the Main Library and its Byram Shubert and Cos Cob branches.

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Annual Budget
June 2018
+5% Growth
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Peterson Funded Operations


The clementine lockwood peterson foundation (the "foundation"), a separate entity operated by independent trustees, funds the maintenance and operations of the peterson wing of the main library through an agreement between the library and the town of greenwich. This wing of the main branch offers patrons a large, diverse selection of library materials related to business, music and the arts. Through this funding, the library also offers many musical programs during the year often featuring world-renowned artists, free and open to the public.

Friends Organizations


Refers to the organizations "friends of greenwich library," "friends of cos cob library, and "friends of byram shubert library." these organizations provide funding and activities for the respective branches of the library. Programs such as book clubs, magic shows, story time for children, oral history projects, art exhibits, concerts, lectures, arts and crafts, community holiday celebrations, and much more, are provided for patrons at each branch location of the library.

Private Funding


Expenditures for staff training and development, circulating materials and library supplies, professional consulting on best practices for the library, community book programs, lectures, concerts and adult and child activities and programs in addition to those supported by friends organizations, capital acquisitions, improvements and related depreciation, and other specified projects.


Candice Bednar First Vice President
Jere Thomson Second Vice President
Raj Makam Co-treasurer
Andrew Peisch Co-treasurer
Kenneth Halcom Secretary
Nancy Klein Development Director
Peggy Pei Accounting Manager
Thomas Heagney Member at Large
Henry Ashforth Trustee
Jennifer Berkley Trustee
Mary-jane Brogan Trustee
Alexandra Codraro Trustee
Susan Carroll Trustee
Michael Freitag Trustee
Nicole Hadley Trustee
Andrew Herr Trustee
Peggy Kalb Trustee
Phil Lochner Trustee
Dee Mayberry Trustee
Ian Murray Trustee
Dan More Trustee
Barbara Richards Trustee
Robert Marks President
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