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Young Mens Christian Association of Greater Grand Rapids
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The mission of the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, spirit, and body for all. Founded in 1869, the YMCA is composed of six branches that serve over 96,000 residents in the Greater Grand Rapids community. YMCA core programs include: childcare, education/leadership, swim/sports/play, camp, family time, sports/recreation, group interests, social services, global services, volunteerism/giving, and advocacy. All program curricula is structured to develop the YMCA's core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and inclusion. The vision of the YMCA is to be the leader in strengthening the foundations of the community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.



PHYSICAL FITNESS & WELLNESS The Y is committed to improving the West Michigan community's health and well-being through a strong focus on physical activity, family time, health and wellness programs, recreation and nutrition. We work to curb obesity, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and keep individuals and families thriving. The motivation, support, and health and wellness programs provided by the Y empower people to live healthier lifestyles. Through sports leagues, running clubs, group and water fitness classes, and so much more, the Y keeps the community motivated and growing strong. Financial assistance is available, ensuring everyone has a place to go to feel healthy and connected.


CHILD CARE The YMCA is an inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment of nurturing the potential of every child, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility. We provide children with a safe and nurturing environment filled with opportunities to grow and explore the world around them with caring professionals. Our engaging curriculum helps children reach developmental milestones and prepares them for academic learning and school success. The mission-driven philosophy of YMCA Child Care is geared to meet the individual needs of children. Each child is recognized and valued as a unique individual with a capacity for growth and development. The Y doesn't just focus solely on the child, but on the family as a whole. The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids has been providing childcare services to West Michigan families since 1989 and is the largest childcare provider in Kent County. In 2018, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids provided early childhood, free preschool, before and after school, and out of school time (day camp) programs. Currently, the Y offers the following:

* Early Childhood (Ages 0-5): 5 locations serving more than 300 children annually including 6 Great Start Readiness Program locations (Free Preschool for 4 year olds)

* Before and After School Programs (Ages 5-12): 34 locations serving more than 1300 children annually

* Out of School Time/Day Camps (Ages 5-12): 8 locations serving more than 1000 children annually Currently, we have child care partnerships with the following school districts and agencies:

* Grand Rapids Public Schools

* Lowell Area Schools

* Caledonia Community Schools

* National Heritage Academy

* Northview Public Schools

* West Ottawa Public Schools

* Comstock Park Public Schools

* Porter Hills Presbyterian Village

* Covenant House Academy Generations Child Development Center and the David D Hunting YMCA Child Development Center are currently NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited and all 5 of our early childhood locations are involved with the Great Start to Quality program (Michigan's Quality Rating and Improvement System).


SPORTS & RECREATION, AQUATICS, CAMPING, FAMILY, AND OLDER ADULTS PROGRAMS Nature of Business The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids (Y) is West Michigan's leading nonprofit strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Through our seven branch locations, YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin, Child Development Centers and before/after school sites, and community outreach programs, the Y is committed to improving the health and well-being of children, individuals, and families. Y programs impact thousands of lives annually and respond to unique community needs across West Michigan. OUR MISSION Guided by our Christian principles, we strengthen the spirit mind and body of all individuals. OUR CAUSE DEFINES US The Y makes accessible the support and opportunities that empowers people and communities to succeed. The Y nurtures the potential of every youth and teen, improves our community's health and well-being and provides opportunities to give back and support our neighbors. OUR STRENGTH IS COMMUNITY There is no other nonprofit quite like the Y. That's because, in neighborhoods across our community, we have the presence and partnerships to not just promise, but deliver, positive change. * The Y is community centered. For over 150 years, we've been listening and responding to the needs of our community. Through our seven branch locations throughout Greater Grand Rapids, we impact the lives of over 120,000, through membership and programs, making the Y a destination for healthy living. * The Y brings people together. The Y partners with schools, health care organizations, community centers, and churches to ensure healthy choices are accessible and affordable for everyone in our community. These innovative outreach programs work to eliminate barriers to good health for those most vulnerable and provide tools and supports to ensure success. * The Y nurtures potential. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. Every gift to the Y, is an investment in the health of the community.


Sean Welsh Board Chair
Stacie Behler Vice Chair
Mark Richter Treasurer
Bill Manns Former Treasurer
Michael Wooldridge Secretary
Scott Lewis President/ceo
Damodar Persaud Cfo/cio
Nancy Ayres Director
David Beemer Director
Daniel Behm Director
Kathy Crosby Director
Dr John Butzer Director
Charles Bennett Director
Dr Steven Ender Director
Lynne Ferrell Director
Charles Frayer Director
Christina Freese-decker Director
Peter Varga Director
Carole Valade Director
Jacqueline Taylor Director
Gregory Rhodes Director
Cynthia Havard Director
Carol Karr Director
Jeff Lambert Director
Mike Perry Branch Board Chair
Matthew Klein Branch Board Chair
Amy Marshall Branch Board Chair
Laurel Romanella Branch Board Chair
Melissa Seguin Branch Board Chair
Ross Smelker Branch Board Chair
Shannon Matthews COO
Johnathan Pope District Branch Executive
Paul Petr District Branch Executive
Michele Zimmerman Former CTO
Jarrad Pitts VP of Property & Risk
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