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Founded in 2007, Gsma Mobile for Development Foundation Inc is an international, foreign affairs & national security nonprofit focused on international development. It is a mid-sized organization, with $24m in revenue and 7 employees. Gsma Mobile for Development Foundation Inc is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and its president is Lawrence Yanovitch as of March, 2019.


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March 2019
+17% Growth
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Ecosystem Accelerator


Our mission is to build synergies between start-ups and mobile operators, with the aim to scale innovative and sustainable mobile services in emerging markets. Despite an increasing number of mobile products and services in emerging markets, reaching scale is still a challenge for most. The GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator works to bridge the gap between operators and innovators, enabling strong partnerships that support the growth of commercially sustainable mobile products and services. By opening the dialogue between innovators and operators, the programme helps operators contribute their assets and expertise to the most promising ideas. This will in turn support innovators to secure the funding and direction they require in order to bring their products and services to scale. In fostering these partnerships, we can bring the most impactful mobile solutions to the people and places that need them most, generating the greatest socio-economic impact.

M4d Utilities


The Mobile for Development Utilities Programme promotes the use of mobile networks, infrastructure and payment systems to open new pathways for affordable and reliable utility services to reach the underserved. These innovations for service delivery boost industry and economic growth, for example by enabling entrepreneurial phone charging services in remote areas, or reducing water service providers losses from water leakage or uncollected bills.

Mobile Money


Our mission is to support our members and industry stakeholders to increase the utility and sustainability of mobile money services and increase financial inclusion. Two billion people remain unbanked, without access to safe, secure and affordable financial services. The GSMA Mobile Money Programme is working with mobile operators and industry stakeholders to create a robust mobile money ecosystem, which will increase the relevancy and utility of these services, and ensure their sustainability. To truly transform the financial lives of underserved people, mobile money must become a central monetization mechanism, universally available across a greater range of digital transactions. By making mobile money more central to the financial lives of these users, greater financial inclusion, economic empowerment and economic growth can be achieved.


Mobile for humanitarian innovation


Agtech for development


Connected women


Digital identity


Connected society




M4d initiatives




Assistive tech


Mats Granryd Director General
Louise Easterbrook Treasurer
Sigve Brekke Board of Directors
Nasser Marafih Board of Directors
Assaad Jabre Board of Directors
Kaan Terzioglu Board of Directors
Rob Shuter Board of Directors
Amolo Ng'weno Board of Directors
Karen Halazon Board of Directors
John Giusti Board of Directors
Lawrence Yanovitch President
David Walsh General Counsel
Yasmina Mccarty Head of Mobile for Development
Claire Sibthorpe Head of Connected Women
Gerry Rasugu Mobile for Development Directo
Natalia Pshenichnaya Head of Mnutrition
Max Cuvellier Head of Ecosystem Accelerator
Kyla Reid Head of Digital Identity and D
Areef Kassam Head of M4d Utilities
Ilana Cohen Market Engagement Director
Anne Euler Sustainability Director
Genaro Cruz Senior Market Engagement and a
Philippe Bellordre Head of Programme Delivery - a
Anant Euler Snr Manager, Inclusive Fintech
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