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Founded in 2015, Gun Sense Sc is an education nonprofit focused on alliances & advocacy. Gun Sense Sc is headquartered in Charleston, SC and its director is Adelaida Bennett as of December, 2019.


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December 2019
+20% Growth
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Education and Awarenesstoolkit and In-home Conversationsdevelopment and Creation of a Digital Tool Kit To Inform and Guide Individuals To Create In-homeconversation Events To Educate and Raise Awareness of Gun Violence Issues and Solutionsevents- Pop-up Event -


2/16/18 response to parkland, fl school shooting with pop-up publiceducation event in mt. Pleasant, sc, with 85 people in attendance- american bar association -- attendance and presentation to address policies andgrass roots efforts to reduce gun violence with a focus on minority communities- town hall event on school safety, with 45 in attendancestatewide expansion effortscharleston -- arm-in-arm continues its strong home base growth in charlestoncolumbia -- collaboration with the faith coalition against gun violence in columbiagreenville -- hub includes greenville residents, arts community, greenville health system(hospital) and the uu church of greenvilleschool safety project- school safety project launched, with teacher, student, parent members- working collaboration with March for our lives student leaders in charleston- speech at college of charleston national walk-out event- participation in berkeley and charleston county town hall events- presentation and continued outreach to school district pta's- meet up with usc students on addressing gun violence issues- strong group attendance at March for our livesarts outreach project- consulted, contributed and participated in 3 glowlyric productions in greenville of"armed" including q & a with information tables- led q&a "code red-lockdown"as part of pure theater/student workshop-charleston- collaborated in the nationwide campaign of theater activism against gun violence- led q&a as part of "natural shocks," a reading about dv by threshold theater- led q&a after the piccolo spoleto performance of "together we are making a poem inhonor of life," a production that dealt with a child's death in a school shootingfaith outreach project:- third annual "stand up sunday" 2018 events in january/ February where faithcongregations commit to positive action to reduce gun violence in sc- ongoing collaboration with the faith coalition against gun violence in columbia- arm-in-arm collaboration with individual congregations, including congregations incharleston, columbia, greenvillepublic health project- testified before joint committee on children hearings in February, march and April- arm-in-arm public health committee created new pp presentation that dr. Robert balland dr. Ashley hink presented at grand rounds (entitled: "arm-in-arm responds togun violence"), which is now featured on our website- arm-in-arm public health committee presented at grand rounds, both at musc incharleston and at greenville health system-children's hospital in greenville- arm-in-arm and ghs committed to follow up to explore initiatives to address reducingthe impact of gun violence in sc on children and families- musc faculty senate invited arm-in-arm to explore ways they can address gunviolence reduction strategies, and issued a new declarative statement on gun violence- arm-in-arm has been collaborating with the sc-american academy of pediatrics on dataand policy to address reducing gun violence impact on children and families- building collaboration with sc coalition against domestic violence and sexual assault,to address domestic violence prevention and the impact dv has on survivors includingchildrenlegislation and lawmaker outreach- arm-in-arm sustained social media campaign starts, at the opening of the sc legislativesession (1/9/18), to educate the public to the benefits s.516 and the dangers ofpermitless open and concealed carry with national reciprocity- in feb & April, we hand delivered letters and petitions from various members of ourcoalition to state house legislators in columbia regarding the above effort- weekly social media posts to educate public on current legislation and contactingelected officials- arm-in-arm bi-weekly attendance at legislative hearings in columbia- arm-in-arm direct communication with sc legislators (both republicans and democrats)to clarify policy positions on specific legislation- arm-in-arm weekly monitor/promotion of legislative hearings via statehouse live-feed- arm-in-arm research and data collection on sc firearm incidents- **launched election accountability project (eap), an effort which recruits membersto ask candidates specific questions about gun reform policy positions of each candidatefor elected office in sc during the 2018 primary and election cycle, and then promote theanswers, to help empower voters to make informed election choicespromote responsible gun ownership- collaborated with law enforcement on communicating best practices regarding firearmssafety- engaged gun owners on communicating best practices regarding firearms safety- developing a public firearm safety campaign in cooperation with public officials, lawenforcement, gun owners etc


Judith Hines Secretary
Jessie Brynan Vice Chair
Richard Simons Treasurer
Peter Zalka Chair
Adelaida Bennett Director
Mary Hart Craig Director
Sallie Duell Director
Reverend Joseph Darby Director
Richard Hagerty Director
Margaret Kelly Director
Marlvis Kennedy Director
Gary Smith Director
Meghan Alexander Founder & Director
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