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The mission of Health Care Without Harm (hcwh) is to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.

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December 2018
17% Loss
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Healthy food in health care (hfhc) - the healthy food in health care program harnesses the purchasing power and expertise of the health care sector to redefine hospital food, activate its potential to heal people and communities, and adopt practices and policies to support a healthy, sustainable food system.


Global projects and international outreach (gpio) - a program of hcwh that works internationally with members and supporters to develop collaborative strategies and projects to advance hcwh's goals. The gpio program conducts international outreach and supports the development and work of hcwh offices and partner organizations by providing technical assistance, training and international networking opportunities through public education, media work and advocacy. Gpio also manages a series of international programs for hcwh: the global green and healthy hospitals network has more than 700 institutional members representing the interests of more than 20,000 hospitals and health centers from 38 countries working together under the shared goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the health sector and contributing to improved public and environmental health. Gghh offers access to innovative tools and resources, webinars, and an online collaboration platform. The network's 2020 health care climate challenge mobilizes health care institutions on every continent to protect public health from climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and lending their voice to policy efforts stemming climate change. The healthy energy initiative works to educate and mobilize the health sector globally and in specific countries to move away from fossil fuel based energy generation and toward clean renewable energy as a key strategy to protect public health from local pollution and global climate change. And through collaboration with international institutions such as the world health organization, undp and the world bank, hcwh's international programs are fostering a transformation to low-carbon, climate resilient health care worldwide, promoting sustainable health care waste management practices, and helping to establish criteria to green health procurement in the united nations and around the world.

Climate and Health


Health care without harm's climate and health program supports the health care sector in reducing its carbon footprint, building climate-smart and resilient hospitals and communities, and mobilizing health care's ethical, economic, and political influence to advance the transition to a low-carbon future.




Safer chemicals


Charlotte Brody Chair
Blair L. Sadler Treasurer
Susan Vickers Secretary
Paul Bogart Executive Director
Jolie Patterson Chief Operating Officer
Laura Anderko Director
Raheem Baraka Director
Aparna Bole Director
John Cleveland Director
Denise Fairchild Director
Kathy Gerwig Director
Tory Dietel Hopps Director
Miriam Shark Director
Gary Cohen President
Nikki Verhoff Development Director
Josh Karliner International Dir., Prog.
Sanjeev Kale IT Director
William Ravenisi Senior Dir. Hc Green Building & Energy
Source: IRS 990