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Heroes and Horses Inc
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Founded in 2014, Heroes and Horses is a human services nonprofit focused on human services n.e.c.. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.2m in revenue and 6 employees. Heroes and Horses is headquartered in Manhattan, MT and its executive director is Micah Fink as of December, 2018.


Annual Budget
December 2018
+26% Growth
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In 2018 Heroes and Horses added a 360-degree approach to running its program. This approach took into account the whole ecosystem of the veteran - addressing the body (through active physical fitness, yoga and whole food eating), the mind (through a comprehensive and innovative leadership course), and the spirit (through the continued work with the horses and the high pressure medium of the mountain environment). In addition to the the 360-degree program, Heroes and Horses added a "ranch week" to introduce the veterans to the ranch lifestyle and all the components of running and operating a ranch. In 2018, we also scaled to run 3 classes of 8 veterans, for a total of 24, an increase from 16 veterans in 2017. From the operational-side of the program, the organization added 2 full time employees: a COO and an Administrative Manager. As a staff, we adopted and implemented new policies and procedures that furthered internal controls and staff management.


Baxter Stephens Treasurer
Dan Brochou Secretary
Clint Larue Director
Clint Cannon Director
Rick Van Arnam Director
Samuel Frederick Director
Micah Fink CEO
Source: IRS 990