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Education helps develop a community that understands connections among the human health, ecosystems and economies. The Hitchcock Center connects people with nature and encourages a deeper emotional bond with the natural world that sustains us all. Founded in 1962, the Hitchcock Center for the Environment fosters awareness and understanding of our environment through programs with a particular focus on children, who live in a world of environmental challenges. Our educational framework centers on five fundamentals: understanding principles of ecology, valuing place, promoting resilience, demonstrating sustainability in the built environment, and educating for active citizenship.


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June 2019
+8% Growth
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K-12 School Programs


6,000 school children participate in interdisciplinary, hands-on science and nature programs through field trips, naturalist- and scientist-in-residence, energy literacy, schoolyard habitat, water conservation, and other environmental education programs. 400 teachers are trained in the best practices of science and environmental education through workshops, courses, and institutes.

Children, Youth and Family Programs


2,200 children, youth and their family members are provided with environmental education experiences embedded in the outdoors through summer and school vacation, camps, preschool, homeschool, afterschool, and family programs.

Adult Education Programs


3,000 adults participate in over 124 evening and weekend naturalist, citizen science and sustainability courses, lectures, workshops, field walks, forums, seminars.


Cynthia Brubaker President
Chris Hoch Vice President
Jaime Davila Clerk
Julie Johnson Executive Director
Gillian Andrews Director
Clay Ballantine Director
Danielle Barshak Director "past"
Merle Bruno Director
Sara Crawley Director
Jaana Cutson Director
Janice Gifford Director
Fabio Pari-di-monriva Director "past"
Anne Perkins Director "past"
Dan Ziomek Director "past"
Joe Vreedenburgh Treasurer
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