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Home of the Innocents, a community of dedicated people and those they serve, provides the skills and opportunities by which vulnerable children, youth and their families may improve their lives. Home of the Innocents is a private, non-profit agency that has been in operation for over 130 years and served almost 4,000 children last year in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The Home provides services to assist those who are facing severe crisis, including: residential and community-based services to children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected; a hospital-like and home away from home environment for medically fragile children; and in-home and in-school support services for children with autism. The Home now operates Open Arms Children's Health - a one-stop full service pediatric medical practice offering integrated care, including medical, dental, hearing, vision, radiology, pharmacy, and behavioral health services.


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Residential Treatment and Emergency Services Program


Provides emergency and long-term shelter, group and individual therapy and crisis intervention for children from birth to age 18 who are victims of abuse, abandonment, neglect or family crisis. The program can serve children whom recommit to the department for community based services, up to the age of 21. Children are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Residential and emergency services have grown, offering 95 beds in seven age- and need-appropriate houses.

Outpatient Services


Provides compassionate, expert pediatric care to all of our community's children and adolescents. We are dedicated to keeping children healthy, safe and happy regardless of social, behavioral, physical or financial challenges. Our center offers a wide range of clinical and therapeutic services, while focused on treating the whole child through quality and family-centered care. Services offered at open arms children's health include pediatrics, integrated behavioral health, refugee clinic, dental clinic, audiology center, laboratory, physical, occupational and speech therapies, psychology, psychiatry and onsite pharmacy services.


Kosair charities pediatric convalescent center (kcpcc) - cares for children with severe disabilities. These children have medical needs that require 24-hour skilled care; some are dependent on ventilators, respirators and feeding tubes, and all are in wheelchairs and have limited verbal communication abilities. If it were not for home of the innocents, many of these children would have to grow up in a hospital. The kcpcc staff care for children from birth to age 21 and can accommodate 76 children.


Therapeutic loving foster care and adoption (tlc) - offers a family systems approach to care and treatment of children in foster care that is solution-focused and strengths-based. Teaching parents (i.e., foster parents) are identified as the primary mode of intervention and support to the child. Tlc staff members provide support to the foster family in efforts to provide stability in the family and community, and to achieve permanency for the child.- tlc staff operate with a team philosophy that includes the child, clinical staff, teaching parents, biological family (where applicable and possible), state social service workers/case managers, health professionals, and others as appropriate. Each child is assigned a family consultant who follows the child throughout care in the program, serves as the primary provider of case management services for the child, and leads the multi-disciplinary treatment team. The overall goal is for the child to achieve permanency, preferably through a return to the biological family or adoption. When neither is possible, the treatment team will look at planned permanent living arrangement as a potential permanency goal. The permanency goal is set and monitored by the state of kentucky's cabinet for health and family services in consultation with service providers and, along with a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, becomes the guide to the development of the treatment plan and accompanying intervention(s). The clinical specialist is the leader of tlc's treatment team and is responsible for the determination and implementation of appropriate clinical interventions for individual clients and their families. The recruitment, retention and training coordinator, in collaboration with the family consultant, is responsible for ongoing education and support of the teaching parents to help them work best with the child and his/her birth family.- tlc accepts both male and female children of all races and ethnicities from infancy through 18 years of age and up to age 21 with special circumstances. Whenever possible, child family matching is done on a same race, ethnicity, and language basis, seeking to provide the best possible cultural match for every child who enters the program. The agency serves children requiring long term placement (with the goals of adoption or planned permanent living arrangement), and those needing shorter term intensive treatment intervention. The agency accepts clients when kinship and relative placements have been explored by the referring agent and have been deemed inappropriate for the client.- tlc provides foster care services, including therapeutic and medically fragile foster care services. Tlc is designed to serve children in out of home care with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral disorders including explosive anger, poor peer relations, noncompliance with adult authority, pre delinquent or delinquent acting out in the community (including stealing, vandalism, runaways), and verbal aggression. The program serves children with conduct disorders and other psychiatric diagnoses and children exhibiting moderate self-abusive behavior, sexual acting out, depression and suicidal ideation or gestures, drug/alcohol abuse and physical aggression. The tlc program can also accept children with autism and pregnant and parenting teens. The home of the innocents accepts children who have exhibited sexual aggression, but are willing to participate in treatment. The home of the innocents also accepts children with physical/developmental handicaps or moderate mental retardation. - tlc also provides adoption services. Private adoption services are available for families in the regions. Tlc provides services for the adoptive families including home studies, training, and post-placement supervision. Pre- and post-adoption counseling is also available via the psychological services department of home of the innocents. Referrals and other assistance are available for families seeking cultural connections in the community. The private adoption service component of the tlc program is meant to assist in creating permanent healthy, stable families for children in need of adoptive placement. Tlc coordinates with the placing agency or attorney to ensure legal and other requirements are met. Tlc staff provides families with any needed support throughout their adoption journey and referrals to community resources as needed.

Other Program Services


School lunch program and miscellaneous income to support other program activities.

Home-to Home Services Include a Range of Different Services


- the aftercare program provides services through case management to single, young adults and young families, ages 18-24, as they strive to gain and or maintain independence. Budgeting, money management, employment, substance abuse, mental, health, independent living skills, parenting are all areas of focus based on client's individual needs. - the cbs program offers hope to children who have mental health and behavioral needs. The program facilitates teams, including family, community supports and providers to stabilize the child's behaviors so they can remain in their homes, and teaches parents or caregivers strategies to better respond to the child's behaviors. Services are provided in the home, school and community and incorporate natural supports as part of the treatment team. The following services are offered through the cbs program: targeted case management--services to assist the recipient with a severe emotional disability in accessing the needed medical, social, educational, developmental and other support services available in his or her community. Individual therapy, family therapy, collateral therapy--intensive therapy services provided face to face with an eligible recipient in the home, school, and community environments. The treatment and interventions are focused on the goals and objectives found in the eligible recipient's collaborative service. - the homebuilders, family preservation program provides intensive, in-home, family preservation services to families with children in imminent risk of out-of-home placement, or have children in placement that cannot be reunified without intensive services. The goal of the program is to prevent children from being removed from their caregivers, or enable reunification, by increasing parenting skills through intensive interventions in a 4 week, 40 hour timeframe. This service is provided to families involved with indiana department of community-based services (dcs), custody of child at risk, or attempting to reunify. - michelle p. Waiver services focus on person centered services for children with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Families receive behavioral support or case management, as well as links to additional therapeutic services including in occupational/physical/speech therapy when appropriate. Our services provide assistance through therapeutic intervention to children and families facing challenges that affect the child's mental and behavioral health and the stability of the overall family. The participant directed services (pds) program is based upon the principles of self-determination and person-centered planning. A person-centered system acknowledges the role of participants, families, guardians, or representatives in planning for the participant who may need assistance in making informed decisions. The principles and tools of self-determination are used to assist participants in the creation of meaningful, culturally appropriate lives within their community in which they can develop relationships, learn, work and earn income, and actively participate in community life. - the psychological services department provides psychological testing and outpatient therapy services, for families, children, and adolescents. Therapeutic services address a range of concerns such as stressful or traumatic events, anger and aggression, adoption/attachment, family and parenting, problem behavior at home/school, learning concerns, attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, development, sadness, worry, fear or social skills deficits. Psychological testing provides valuable information about a child's overall strengths/weaknesses, cognitive, social/emotional, behavioral and personality functioning, which helps guide diagnosis and treatment planning. Testing may be conducted to evaluate for adhd, learning disabilities, developmental delays, emotional/behavioral concerns, depression, anxiety, mood disorders or relationship concerns.


Julee Carucci 1st Vice Chair
Sylvia Glassman Secretary
Howard Holloman Chairperson
Remy Noble 2nd Vice Chair
Maury Young Treasurer
David Mcdonald Senior VP Finance
Ingrid Adams Director
Dave Brewer Director
Mickey Brown Director
Kirk Carter Director
Brad Case Director
Joey Conely Director
Bruce K. Dudley Director
Tony Georges Director
Diane Georges Director
Karen Hale Director
Scott Herrmann Director
Don Nix Director
Robert Ogburn Director
Kathy Pellegrino Director
Doug Phillips Director
The Rev Canon Amy Real-coultas Director
Brian Springfield Director
Chris Staples Director
Carl Thomas Director
Ed Weinberg Director
Yvonne Austin Director
Rhodes Bratcher Director
Brad Ennis Director
Mary Lynn Thieneman-legel Director
Denise Vaught Director
George Vieth Director
Matt Carper Director
Paul W. Robinson President/ceo
Eulalie Fee COO
Matthew Gauck Pharmacy Manager
Jeff Lewis Senior VP Kcpcc
Tonda Barron Nursing Supervisor
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