Hope Family Housing Inc

Registered Name
Temporary Shelter Inc
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Founded in 2000, Hope Family Housing Inc is a human services nonprofit focused on housing search assistance. It is a relatively small organization, with $572k in revenue and 14 employees. Hope Family Housing Inc is headquartered in Tustin, CA and its president, see sch j other is Mr Jim Palmer as of September, 2019.


Annual Budget
September 2019
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending


Food and Shelter


Temporary Shelter Inc provides short-term shelter and basic necessities including food and clothing for homeless men, women and children who have a connection to. the City of Tustin.


Staff to properly manage a 24 hour/ 7 day per week shelter and provide guidence, encouragement and oversight to a population with addiction and behavioral health issues.

Maintenance and Safety


To provide a clean and safe environment with access for job search, travel to medical, mental and dental appointments and stores


Mr Bart Hansen Chairman
Mr Mark Conzelman Vice Chairman
Christopher Ferebee Treasurer
Mr Joe Oltmans Director
Dr Bill Guard Director
Dr Ralph Duff Director
Dr Steve Callahan Director
Mrs Jackie Nowlin Director
Mr Jim Palmer President, See Sch J Other
Source: IRS 990