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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is an American non-profit medical research organization based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It was founded by the American businessman Howard Hughes in 1953. It is one of the largest private funding organizations for biological and medical research in the United States.

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Medical Research Organization Activities (a) the Hhmi Investigator Program (b) Janelia Research Campus (a) the Hhmi Investigator Program the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Approach To Biomedical Research Can Be Summarized in Three Words


People, not projects. By employing scientists as HHMI investigators - rather than awarding research grants - the Institute provides long-term, flexible funding that enables its researchers to pursue their scientific interests wherever they lead. HHMI believes that scientists of exceptional talent and imagination will make fundamental discoveries of lasting scientific value and benefit to humanity if they are given the resources, time, and freedom to pursue challenging questions. The Institute nurtures the creativity and intellectual daring of scientists who are willing to set aside conventional wisdom or the "easy" question for a fundamental problem that May take many years to solve. Among the characteristics that distinguish this group of scientists are qualities such as creativity, a penchant for risk-taking, and a commitment to discovery, productivity, and perseverance. This unique research model is an imaginative and powerful alternative to funding biomedical research through grants. The HHMI Investigator Program employs more than 280 HHMI researchers, among them 15 Nobel laureates and more than 170 members of the National Academy of Sciences. HHMI investigators direct Institute research laboratories on the campuses of 58 universities and other research organizations throughout the United States. Since the early 1990s, investigators have been selected through rigorous national competitions. The Institute solicits applications directly from scientists at medical schools and other research institutions in the United States, with the aim of identifying those who have the potential to make significant contributions to science. HHMI employs an open application process to ensure that it is selecting its researchers from a broad and deep pool of scientific talent. In May 2018, HHMI announced that it selected 19 new HHMI investigators through a national open competition. Each of the 19 new investigators will receive roughly $8 million over a seven-year term, which is renewable pending a scientific review. In addition, investigator support includes a guaranteed two-year transition period. This new group of investigators is the first to be appointed to a seven-year term (previous terms lasted five years). HHMI selected the new investigators from a pool of 675 eligible applicants. (B) Janelia Research Campus HHMI's Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, helps open scientific fields by breaking through technical and intellectual barriers. At Janelia, integrated teams of lab scientists and tool-builders pursue a small number of scientific questions with potential for transformative impact. To drive science forward, methods, results, and tools are shared with the scientific community. In late 2017, Janelia moved to a 15-year research model. Under this new model, Janelia plans to develop a given research area for roughly 15 years to gain traction and attract outside interest, at which point it will cycle to a new area of focus. This approach enables Janelia to stay at the frontier of science, advancing 1-3 research areas at any point in time. The first new research area leverages and transforms Janelia's program on neural circuits and behavior, allowing scientists to pursue one of the biggest questions in brain science. Researchers in mechanistic cognitive neuroscience ask how the brain enables cognition. Additional research areas will be decided through open, international competitions. In July 2018, HHMI announced a search for Janelia's next Executive Director. In the current fiscal year, there were 36 group leaders, five fellows and 17 senior fellows at Janelia, in addition to graduate students, other scientific trainees, and visiting scientists. Janelia also operates a vibrant scientific conference program, bringing many scientists to its campus each year for educational meetings.


Science education and research grant programs (a) science education grant and research programs (b) educational media (c) tangled bank studios (d) hanna h gray fellows (e) faculty scholars (f) e-life open access journal (continued on schedule o)

Support for International Science 4c


Support for International Science HHMI continues to support forty-one scientists from 16 countries who were selected in 2017 as International Research Scholars, exceptional early-career scientists poised to advance biomedical research across the globe. HHMI teamed up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to develop scientific talent around the world, and with these partners awarded a total of over $29.3 million to this group of scholars. Each researcher will receive a five-year award of $715,000, including indirect costs. The award is a major boost for scientists early in their careers, and offers the freedom to pursue new research directions and creative projects that could develop into top-notch scientific programs. Africa Health Research Institute in South Africa In 2009, HHMI helped launch the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for TB-HIV (K-RITH) in collaboration with the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), and has provided significant funding to support its research efforts. In 2016, in a move to improve the health of people locally and globally, K-RITH joined forces with the Africa Centre for Population Health to form a groundbreaking new interdisciplinary institute to fight tuberculosis (TB), HIV and related diseases. The new organization, the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), is located at the heart of South Africa's TB and HIV co-epidemic in KwaZulu-Natal Province. The effort brings together the Africa Centre's detailed population data from over 100,000 participants, with K-RITH's expertise in basic science and its world-class laboratory facilities. HHMI, together with the Wellcome Trust, continues to provide grant support to AHRI, with the University College London and UKZN serving as significant academic partners. AHRI is committed to working towards the elimination of HIV and TB. To achieve this, the institute brings together leading researchers from different fields, uses cutting-edge science to improve people's health, and helps train the next generation of African scientists.


Bodo Stern Chief Dev Elopment & Strategy Off
Stephen Jasko CFO & Treasurer From 11/17
Erin K. O'shea President
Sean B. Carroll VP for Science Education
David Clapham VP & Chief Sci Off
Heidi E. Henning Esq. Vp,general Counsel/sec
Dennis Mckearin VP of Operations
Gerald M. Rubin Vp&exec Dir,janelia Res Campus
Landis Zimmerman VP & Chief Investment Officer
Lauren T. Spiliotes Esq. Dep Gencounsel/asst Sec
Susan S. Plotnick Assistant Treasurer & Director-finance
Monique L. Marcus Controller
James A. Baker III Esq. Trustee
Charlene Barshefsky Esq. Trustee
Paul M. Nurse Trustee
Deborah L. Spar Trustee
Anne M. Tatlock Trustee
Joseph L. Goldstein Trustee, Chairman Research Comm
Fred R. Lummis Trustee, Chairman Finance Comm
Alison F. Richard Trustee, Chairman Education Comm
Clayton S. Rose Trustee, Chairman Audit & Comp
Kurt L. Schmoke Esq. Trustee, Chairman
Richard A. Pender Man Director - Us Equities
Gregory Deninno Man Director - Private Equities
Robert J. Kolyer Jr. Man Director - Diversified Assets
Stephen M. Kitsoulis Man Director - Fixed Income
Thomas R. Cech Investigator
Eric R. Kandel Senior Investigator
Roderick Mackinnon Investigator
Richard Axel Investigator
Robert Tjian Investigator
Nitin V. Kotak Former CFO & Treasurer
John Palmisano Chief of Business Solutions/former VP for Information Technology
Kathy Wyszynski Former VP, Human Resources
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