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Washington Humane Society the Society for the Prevention of
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The Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue League have each served the animals and people of the District of Columbia and the National Capitol region for over a century. Now these two great forces for animal protection have come together to form an even more powerful organization: the Humane Rescue Alliance. With the creation of the Humane Rescue Alliance, we're combining our proficiency and knowledge in all aspects of animal care, from providing quality, affordable medical services to creating families with each adoption. Most importantly, we're here to tenaciously protect and advocate for the animals in our community, and support and celebrate people's love and compassion for them. We are the Humane Rescue Alliance.


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September 2019
+11% Growth
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Dc Animal Control


Operated the dc animals shelter and provided animal control services for the district of columbia.

Medical Center


Whs continued its long standing and critical work of caring for the companion pets of income-qualified clients as well as caring for the temporary residents of whs' animal shelter. Whs has a full service medical center which continues to provide services to those that cannot afford to take care of their pets. Shelter animals - shelter medicine is a unique and challenging environment. Whs recives more than 2,000 animals each year, all with different backgrounds, from various regions of the country, and almost having received marginal veterinary care in their lifetime. The medical care for dogs and cats housed at whs involved management of contagious diseases, diagnosis and treatment of individual illnesses, dental work, spaying, neutering, and other surgeries. The challenges of shelter medicine include the intake of animals suffering from diseases such as parvo, ringworm, respiratory illnesses, intestinal parasites, and heartworms which were also treated by medical center staff.

Animal Care Program


Operated animal shelter where unwanted, stray or neglected animals were given care and medical attention additionally, provided lost and found services, humane euthanasia and adoptions.


Steven Bralove First Vice President
Lois Godfrey Wye Secretary
Greg Riegle Chairman
Mary Schapiro Treasurer
Lisa Lafontaine President and CEO
Stephanie Shain Chief Operating Officer
Saone Crocker Board Member
Andrew Weinstein Board Member
Anissa Grossman Board Member
Charles Weir Board Member
Andrew Willison Board Member
Erika Kelton Board Member
Kenton W. Keith Board Member
Laird Patterson Board Member
Nina Benton Board Member
Priscilla Clapp Board Member
Louie Dweck Board Member
Jeff Wilson Board Member
Jacki Dobranski Dvm Board Member
Leslie Harris Board Member
William Herman Board Member
Joseph Howe Board Member
Susan Ridge Board Member
Hon Carol Schwartz Board Member
Theresa Fariello Board Member
Gwyn Whittaker Board Member
Erica Sherzer Board Member
Nancy Grunfeld Board Member
Cynthia Lightfoot Board Member
Lauren Talarico Board Member
Kimberly Keller Chief Development Officer
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