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Founded in 2010, Idaho Sheriffs is a human services nonprofit focused on professional societies & associations. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.8m in revenue and 3 employees. Idaho Sheriffs is headquartered in Boise, ID and its executive director is Vaughn Killeen as of September, 2019.


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September 2019
+27% Growth
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The Idaho Sheriffs' Assocation Conducts Three General Conferences a Year


February, June and December. Training is provided to sheriffs and their staff at all conferences and topics include: sexual harassment, executive leadership, missing and exploited children, hiring and firing issues and a myriad of other subjects important to successfully operating a sheriff's office and jail. The February and December meetings are held in boise. The June meeting and board of directors meeting are held in other areas of idaho and the meeting locations change to accommodate the various regions of the state.idaho sheriffs' association is required by law to conduct a new sheriffs school every four years following the state-wide election for the office of sheriff. The school is 40 hours in length and consists of leadership and executive level training including personnel issues and budget development.


The vine program notifies victims of domestic abuse and other violent crimes of the incarcerations status of the perpetrator. In addition, idaho sheriffs' association partnered with the idaho supreme court to provide victims information regarding their offender's court appearances. Idaho sheriffs' association administers the program through a contractual relationship with appriss that provides the technology for monitoring.


The sheriffs' sex offender registration program enhances the sex offender registry managed by the idaho state police. Each sex offender is registered annually by the sheriff's office in which the offender resides. Sheriffs' use an automated registration system that captures data that assists in annual verifications of residency and also aids investigators in sex abuse crimes. Registration data is transmitted to the central repository managed by the idaho state police.


Kieran Donahue President
Ben Wolfinger 1st Vice President
Craig Rowland 2nd Vice President
Len Humphries Past President
Richard Skiles Secretary
Paul Wilde Director
Chris Goetz Director
Dave Sanders Director
Lorin Nielsen Director
Vaughn Killeen Executive Director
Source: IRS 990