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The International Food Policy Research Institute is an international agricultural research center founded in the early 1970s to improve the understanding of national agricultural and food policies to promote the adoption of innovations in agricultural technology. Additionally, IFPRI was meant to shed more light on the role of agricultural and rural development in the broader development pathway of a country. The mission of IFPRI is to provide research-based policy solutions that sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition.

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December 2018
+2% Growth
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Promoting Healthy Food Systems


Research on improving diet quality and nutrition for the poor, spearheading research that focuses particularly on women and children, who have high requirements for essential nutrients. Show how access to markets and economic growth shapes food choices and habits for the poor, with the aim of maintaining the safety of nutrient-rich foods and protecting or enhancing their nutrient content.

Transforming Agriculture


Research to improve overall development strategies to ensure broad-based growth in rural economies, particularly in sub-saharan africa and south asia. Understanding which structural factors and policies have led to successful or failed rural and agricultural development outcomes, with consideration given to elements beyond the agriculture sector, such as demographic structure, conflict, urbanization and income inequalities.

Ensuring Sustainable Food Production


Research focusing on policies, institutions, innovations and emerging food and agricultural technologies that can advance food and nutrition security. An integrated research approach to improve the development of scientific knowledge, technology products, and best practices.


Improving markets and trade


Strengthening institutions & governance


Building resilience


Cross-cutting theme of gender


Badiane Ousmane Division Director
Brooks Karen Division Director
Fields James E. Director, Finance & Admin.
Joshi Pramod K. Division Director
Mcdermott John Division Director
Pandya-lorch Rajul Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Park Eun-myo Director, CKM
Roberts Stacy C. Head, Institutional Relations & Secretary
Rosegrant Mark Division Director
Ruel Marie T. Division Director
Dorosh Paul Division Director
Birdsall Nancy Board Trustee
Ciolos Dacian Board Trustee
Anderson Kym Board Trustee
Catley-carlson Margaret Board Trustee
Dev S. Mahendra Board Trustee
Elouafi Ismahane Board Trustee
Haug Ruth Board Trustee
Maxwell Simon Board Trustee
Ndisale Brave Board Trustee
Wasantwisut Emorn Board Trustee
Jank Marcos Sawaya Board Trustee
Coulibaly Tiena Board Trustee
Fan Shenggen Director General
Diao Xinshen Deputy Division Director
Ringler-nguyen Claudia Deputy Division Director
Gilligan Daniel O. Deputy Division Director
Minot Nicholas W. Deputy Division Director
Meinzen-dick Ruth Senior Research Fellow Ii
Gillespie Stuart Senior Research Fellow Ii
Chambers Judith Director, Biosafety Program
Wiebe Keith D. Senior Research Fellow Ii
Menon Purnima Senior Research Fellow Ii
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