Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a U.S. nonprofit organization funded by auto insurance companies, established in 1959 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

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Annual Budget
December 2019
+5% Growth
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Research Projects


Projects undertaken to identify and evaluate methods of reducing the personal injuries and property damage resulting from the use of motor vehicles.

Vehicle Research Center Projects


Engineering and other resource support for vehicle related research projects and vehicle crash testing to evaluate the ability of vehicles to protect their occupants in front, side, rear, and rollover crashes. Recent vehicle research center expansion will allow evaluation of vehicle based crash avoidance systems.

Communications Projects


Projects undertaken to disseminate information to the public concerning motor vehicle and highway research done by the institute and by other organizations involved in motor vehicle and highway safety. The institute's public website provides information on the institute's research and on the institute's crash testing to evaluate the crashworthiness of vehicles, as well as on new research performed on vehicle based crash avoidance systems.


Adrian Lund President-2017
David Harkey President-2018
Gabriel Carrillo Director
William Loucks Director
Jack Salzwedel Director
Jeffrey Hay Director
George Dufala Director
Charles M. Chamness Director
Dan Clapp Director
John Xu Director
Paul Franklin Director
Andrew Woods Director
Douglas S. Joyce Director
Richard Lavey Director
Richard Lonardo Director
John Hardiman Director
Scott Ziegler Director
James Whittle Director
Stan Mcnaughton Director
Hank Nayden Director
Steve Oakley Director
Robert Lyon Director
James Macphee Director
Ted Murphy Director
David A. Sampson Director
Douglas Smith Director
Angela Sparks Vice Chair
John Mccaskill Director
Bob Tart Director
William Windsor Chairman-elect
Floyd M. Yager Chairman
Michael Fagin Secretary/treasurer
Joseph Nolan Senior V.P. - Vrc & Chief Adm
David Zuby Senior V.P. - Vrc & Chief Res
Russell Rader Senior Vice President
Kim Hazelbaker Senior V.P. - Hldi
Charles Farmer Director Statistical Serv
Pini Kalnite Director Film & Media Ser
Kimberli Stewart Senior Editor
Michael Powell Director of IT
Brenda O'donnell VP Insurer Relations
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