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Founded as Project Conserve in 1974, the Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF) is a housing corporation whose leadership is motivated, and programs shaped by: the belief that all people deserve safe, clean, affordable housing; our response to God's desire that we seek justice in our communities; our grateful response to the saving love of Jesus Christ; and our desire to have others see his love in action. ICCF upholds and strengthens families through the creation of quality and affordable housing with the provision of supportive and educational services. Our services are an investment in their future and in the future of our community.


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Iccf builds and renovates rental housing with an emphasis on residential management and resident dignity. Over 400 rental units are provided at below market rates. In addition, programs are available to every rental resident to teach them skills toward becoming homeowners themselves. Families assume positions of responsibility in the operation of their rental communities through the tenant centered management program, and a social work team provides direct services and referrals.


Iccf's housing counseling program is certified by hud and the michigan state housing development authority (mshda) and adheres to the national industry standards for housing counselors. In fy2018 the education and housing counseling programs served 1,123 individuals. All clients are served regardless of income, race, color, religion/creed, sex, national origin, age, family status, disability, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Programs are administered in conformity with local, state, and federal anti-discrimination laws, including the federal fair housing act (42 usc 3600, et seq.)iccf offers two class series: introduction to homeownership and financial capabilities. Together these serve to equip prospective homebuyers or others who are working to achieve financial goals or affordable housing. Classes are taught by experts on iccf staff and offered in english and spanish. In addition, dedicated housing counseling and an individual development account (ida) down payment matching program are available for qualified clients. Through these programs, participants have the opportunity to improve their family and housing situations, and increase their opportunities in life.

Emergency Shelter for Homeless Families - Family Haven


Approximately 45 families yearly receive emergency housing and services designed to take them from homelessness to stable housing at iccf's emergency family shelter called family haven. Up to twelve months of follow up services help families secure community resources, employment, education, child care, etc. All referrals to family haven are received from the housing assessment program at the salvation army.


Andy Miedema Board Chairperson
Johana Rodriguez Quist Board Vice Chairperson
Tom Paarlberg Board Treasurer
Jack Bosscher Board Secretary
Marilyn Stansbury Board Treasurer
Ryan Verwys CEO
Kevin Einfeld Board Member
Arlen-dean Gaddy Board Member
Teresa Jones Board Member
Jason Kuiper Board Member
Don Van Stee Board Member
Eric Washington Board Member
David Bast Board Member
Dante Shackelford Board Member
Derrick Smith VP Finance
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