Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

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Inter-american Tropical Tuna Commission
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The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (abbreviated IATTC) (Sp.: Comisión Interamericana del Atún Tropical) is an international commission responsible for the conservation and management of tuna and other marine resources in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

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Annual Budget
December 2018
+13% Growth
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On board observer program to assess the status of dolphin populations by providing funding for observers on 100% of the fishing trips in large purse-seine size class 6 vessels. Its goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the tuna stocks in the agreement area, as well as that of the marine resources related to this fishery, taking into consideration the interrelationship among species in the ecosystem, with special emphasis on, inter alia, avoiding, reducing and minimizing bycatch and discards of juvenile tunas and non-target species.


The biology and ecosystem program consists of the investigations of the biology, life history, vital statistics, population structure, and behavior of tunas and billfish.


The data collection and data bank program collects, compiles and analizes all catch statistic and fishing logbook data gathered by the iattc.


Nora G. Roa Finance Officer
Christiane Laurent-monpetit-fra Head of Delegation
Christophe Emelee-vut Head of Delegation
Byron Acevedo-gtm Head of Delegation
Edward Jackson-nic Head of Delegation
Gustavo Meneses-cri Head of Delegation
Gustavo Portillo-slv Head of Delegation
Jesus Ponce-per Head of Delegation
Katuska Drouet-ecu Head of Delegation
Kengo Tanaka-jpn Head of Delegation
Kim Hongwon-kor Head of Delegation
Maria Claudia Vasquez-col Head of Delegation
Mario Aguilar-mex Head of Delegation
Chi-chao Liu-twn Head of Delegation
Naomi Biribo-kir Head of Delegation
Orlando Maneiro-ven Head of Delegation
Barry Thom-usa Head of Delegation
Robert Day-can Head of Delegation
Valarie Lanza-blz Head of Delegation
Angela Martini-eu Head of Delegation
Zhao Liling-chn Head of Delegation
Zuleika Pinzon-pan Head of Delegation
Manuel Calvo-slv Commissioner
Hugo Alexandre Flores-slv Commissioner
Diana Barahona-slv Commissioner
Larry Teague-can Commissioner
Robert Robinson-blz Commissioner
Delice Pinkard-blz Commissioner
German Pochet-cri Commissioner
Luis Felipe Arauz-cri Commissioner
Luis Humberto Guzman-col Commissioner
Carlos Marin Commissioner Chair
Sun Haiwen-chn Focal Point
Maria Paula Arenas-col Commissioner
Andrea Ramirez-col Commissioner
Jorge Costain-ecu Commissioner
Guillermo Moran-ecu Commissioner
Javier Cardoso-ecu Commissioner
Arnulfo Franco-pan Commissioner
Nancy Tablante-ven Commissioner
Roy Mickey Joy-vut Commissioner
Jeongseok Park-kor Commissioner
Il Jeong Jeong-kor Commissioner
Jun Yamashita-jpn Commissioner
Tatsuo Hirayama-jpn Commissioner
Omar Rios-per Commissioner
Carlos Tejeda-gtm Commissioner
Michel Sallenave-fra Commissioner
Edward Weissman-usa Commissioner
Luis Molledo-eu Commissioner
Don Hansen-usa Commissioner
Anne-france Mattlet -. Fra Commissioner
William Fox-usa Commissioner
Marie-sophie Dufau-richet -. Fra Commissioner
Luis Lopez Fleischer-mex Commissioner
Pablo Arenas-mex Commissioner
Dimitri Malvirlani-vut Commissioner
Laurent Parente-vut Commissioner
Armando Segura-nic Commissioner
Julio Guevara-nic Commissioner
Raul Delgado-pan Commissioner
Miguel Marenco-nic Commissioner
Gladys Cardenas-per Commissioner
Rossy Chumbe-per Commissioner
Hong-yen Huang-twn Commissioner
Ted Tien-hsiang Tsai-twn Commissioner
Michel Dreyfus-mex Commissioner
Lucas Pacheco-pan Commissioner
Alvin Delgado-ven Commissioner
Guillermo Compean Director
Jean Francois Pulvenis Senior Policy Advisor
Mark Maunder Head of Stock Assessment P
Martin Hall Head of Bycatch Program
Alexandre Da Silva Coordinator of Scientific
Daniel Margulies Senior Scientist
Kurt Schaefer Senior Scientist
Richard Deriso Senior Scientist
Vernon Scholey Senior Scientist
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