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The International Campaign for Tibet is a non-profit advocacy group working to promote democratic freedoms for Tibetans, ensure their human rights, and protect Tibetan culture and the environment. Founded in 1988, ICT is the world's largest Tibet-related NGO, with several hundred thousand members and strong bases of support in North America and Europe.

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Annual Budget
December 2018
+8% Growth
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Media and Reporting


Principal communication activities include the newsletter (tibet press watch), the website ( and information updates reports from inside tibet, long form publications, tibet updates, email newsletters, social media and outreach to traditional media.

Government Relations


Work relating to programs that involve national, state, and regional governments, the u.s. Congress and administration, european nations, and the european union and the united nations.

Education and Awareness


A wide range of activities and initiatives that build greater public awareness about issues in tibet, including the rowell fund for tibet, talks by notable speakers, publications, tibet youth leadership program.




Chinese outreach




Human rights


Internatioal operations


Tibetan empowerment


Richard Gere Chair
Gare Smith Vice Chair
Jim Kane Treasurer/finance Committe
Matteo Mecacci President
Keith Pitts Director
Steve Schroeder Director/finance Committee
John Ackerly Director/finance Committee
Pamela Cesak Director
Tony Karam Director
Tempa Tsering Director
Lesley Rich Secretary
Cynthia Hurst Director of Development
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