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Kansas City Zoo is a 202-acre zoo founded in 1909. It is located in Swope Park at 6800 Zoo Drive Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. The zoo has a Friends of the Zoo program. It is home to more than 1,300 animals and is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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See schedule oanimal health, husbandry and conservation - includes care of the zoo's collection of animals as well as conservation and research. Modern zoos, including the kansas city zoo, provide a multitude of services and are instrumental in conservation and reintegration efforts, and in some cases, remain the last refuge for some of the world's most endangered species. The animal health center provides digital radiology, ultrasound, surgery, thermography, nomad dental radiology, laser therapy, 3-d reconstruct, and animal care facilities that can house small and large animals during quarantine or convalescence. Specialized animal care staff is on-site 7 days a week. Education programs provide experience and training from the veterinary technician, veterinary student and dental hygiene aspects of zoological medicine and care. All animals, from invertebrates to elephants, receive the best preventative and medical care possible.

Membership Programs


The friends of the zoo (fotz) membership program supports the zoo's mission by gaining and sustaining supporters and providing them exclusive opportunities. The kansas city zoo is always a new adventure, providing fun and educational opportunities for the entire family. Fotz membership provides a pass to animal exploration, great discounts on daily and educational activities, and opportunities for one-on-one learning. Fotz members also support the future of wildlife by participating in conservation and education programs. Fotz members become part of a network of other zoo enthusiasts who receive benefits at over 150 other accredited zoos and aquariums throughout the united states.

Education and Volunteer Programs


Education and volunteer programs interpret living collections to attract, inspire and enable individuals, families and groups from all walks of life to act and respond positively to conservation and our environment. From delivering formal scripted programming at the zoo to enticing a visitor to learn about animals through self-directed signage, interactive and graphics, conservation education is the key to instilling a sustained respect for nature. Constantly changing curriculum help ensure current conservation messages and practices stay timely and accurate. With the creation of our zoo learning center, located in the deramus education pavilion, connecting students and teachers to the science of wildlife conservation has become more accessible and relevant. Enriching students through new technology and hands on interaction allows new levels of conservation literacy and creatively showcases our programs and approaches. We also encourage informal learning among students of all ages, as well as highlighting for teachers innovative ways in which conservation approaches can be used to meet formal science education standards.volunteers play a transformational role in providing exciting and educational experiences for the nearly one million students, teachers and zoo visitors each year. Whether you like to share your passion for wildlife conservation with the public, help guests find their way, assist with special events, or help out in a more behind-the-scenes capacity, we find the perfect niche for over 500 volunteers to utilize their talents and time to enhance the zoo experience.parents in the kansas city area boasted that kansas city zoo had the best day camp for big kids during nickelodeon parents' pick. Education programs range from pre-school clubs to safari sleepovers. Hands-on exploration programs allow children to "be a keeper" by cleaning exhibits and public animal demonstrations.


Chuck Caisley Board Member/chairperson
Hayley Hanson Board Member/secretary
Todd Lasala Board Member/chairperson/secretary
Sal Montalbano Board Member/treasurer
Linda Falk Chief Administrative Officer
Karen Begelfer Board Member
Brad Bodamer Board Member
Sharon Cleaver Board Member
Rod Crawford Board Member
Wes Dixon Board Member
Chris Egan Board Member
Wesley Fields Board Member
Howard Jacobson Board Member
Mark Killen Board Member
Gayle Krigel Board Member
Jill Mcgee Board Member
Yvette Miceli Board Member
Pat Murphy Board Member
Johnathon Myers Board Member
James Rine Board Member
Dean Rodenbough Board Member
Melissa Roe Board Member
Cici Rojas Board Member
David Sanchez Board Member
Carla Sanders Board Member
Trish Sexton Board Member
Kathy Smith Board Member
Tom Waggoner Board Member
Tom Wright Board Member
David Yeamans Board Member
Mark Mchenry Ex-officio Board Member
Allen Dillingham Ex-officio Board Member
Alissia Canady Ex-officio Board Member
Randy Wisthoff Executive Director / CEO
Charlisa Shelly Director of HR
Sean Putney Senior Director of Zoological Operations
Kirk Suedmeyer Director of Animal Health
Frank Wilburn Director of Guest Services
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