Land Trust Alliance

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Land Trust Alliance Incorporated
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The Land Trust Alliance works to save the places people love by strengthening land conservation across America. Founded in 1982, we work with the national land conservation community - comprised of 1.5 million dedicated land conservation professionals, volunteers and supporters - to quickly, effectively and permanently save our most valued natural places across America. The Land Trust Alliance believes that if we focus our combined efforts to increase the pace, quality and permanence of conservation, we can turn the tide and ultimately change the way that land development takes place in America. Today, the result of our work has been the creation of a vibrant, national movement of 1,700 organizations which has now conserved over 37 million acres.


Johnson Laura A. Chair -- Ma
French Jameson Vice-chair -- Nh
Rich Frederic Vice Chair -- Ny
Mulligan William Treasurer/secretary -- Oh
Ayres Marilyn M. COO & CFO
Hausmann Peter Director -- Pa
Leptuck Cary Director -- Pa
Saunders Thomas Director -- Pa
Dowling Michael P. Director -- Co
Aangeenbrug Lise Director -- Co
Andrews Laurie Director -- Wy
Ayres Robert A. Director -- Tx
Bell Alan M. Director -- Il
Campisteguy Maria Elena Director -- or
Colloredo-mansfield Franz Director -- Ma
Anderson David Director -- Id
Calvert Fitzsimons Blair Director -- Tx
Hagood Elizabeth Director -- Sc
Leavenworth Kathy Director -- Oh
Lloveras Fernando Director -- Pr
Lockhart Stephen Director -- Ca
Mcfadden Mary Director -- Ma
Olsen George Director -- Mt
Polemis Michael Director -- Ny
Rosenberg Steven E. Director -- Ny
Stockdale Judith Director -- Il
Wood Darrell Director -- Ca
Sharpe Julie Director -- Ri
Bowman Andrew President
Jackson Wendy Executive Vice President
Ward Elizabeth VP of Communications
Kivikko Renee Director of Education
Heskett Erin Director of National &
Nyman Clara VP of Development
Source: IRS 990