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Founded in 2014, Last Call Foundation is a human services nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. Last Call Foundation is headquartered in Braintree, MA and its president is Kathy Crosby-bell as of December, 2018.


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December 2018
38% Loss
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Boston Fire Department


Hvac initiativethe last call foundation has supported improvements, renovations and updates to firehouses in the city of boston, with the support of our generous donors. The foundation provided funds to design, purchase, and install a new heating ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) system for the boston fire department's firehouse engine 33 and ladder 15 to replace an antiquated and contaminated system, improve air quality of the firehouse and to provide adequate heat and cooling.


Fire hose research at fra (fire & risk alliance, llc)research and testing funded by last call foundation at fire & risk alliance, llc, has developed thermal fabric for hose production that will withstand intense fire ground conditions. That achievement marks a significant milestone towards the foundation's long term goal to have a safe and reliable fire hose in the hands of each and every firefighter - so that firefighters can trust in and rely on the hose - their lifeline.last call foundation also worked with members of the nfpa 1961 technical comittee and the foundation funded the design of an apparatus to test fire hose by fire & risk alliance. The resulting apparatus was then sent to underwriters labratory (ul)for approval. That apparatus will be used to set the new thermal standard requirements of the nfpa 1961.


The last call foundation reponded to requests to support firefighters dealing with critical health issues such as cancer and incidence related ptsd. The foundation also contributed to fire departments in boston, waltham, and plympton needing to update antiquated equipment such as air bags, compressors, and a fire engine seat cover upgrade.


Firerescue tvthe last call foundation provided funding to rollout the firerescue tv system at 14 stations in the city of boston. The initiative is intended to provide firefighters an easy to access library of training videos and informative content on firefighting history, new developments in apparatus and material on other government agency first responders. The funding provided by the foundation was used to purchase and install the devices and service the system for the participating stations.


Other miscellaneous programs including cancer awareness education and prevention.


Elaine Lindy Director
Leslie Nies Clerk
Sarah Wessmann Director
Nancy D'elia O'brian Director
Kevin Fry Treasurer
Kathy Crosby-bell President
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