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Leadingage Inc
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Founded in 1965, LeadingAge is a human services nonprofit focused on professional societies & associations. It is a mid-sized organization, with $22m in revenue and 93 employees. LeadingAge is headquartered in Washington, DC and its president & ceo is Katrinka Smith Sloan as of September, 2019.


Annual Budget
September 2019
+1% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending


Educational and Leadership Development


The education and leadership development program includes activities to develop and deliver high quality educational programming on current issues in aging and aging services and to develop leadership skills for those in the field.



Provide education and advocacy support on public policy issues affecting aging services.

Membership and State Relations


The membership and state relations program includes activities to recruit and retain members, to support members in their work, and to collaborate with state affiliates.

Center for Applied Research


The Center for Applied Research (CFAR) program includes activities which (a) create a bridge between the policy, practice and research communities to advance the development of high-quality aging services; and (b) provide a forum for the health care, supportive services and housing communities to explore and develop policies and programs to meet the needs of an aging society.

Marketing and Conference Services


Develop and distribute educational publications for sale, communicate with members and the public, and plan and execute logistics for the organization's conferences and meetings.

Center for Aging Services Technology


The Center for Aging Services Technology (CAST) program includes activities to enhance the use of technology to improve the quality of life and services for people as they age through collaborative initiatives with providers, technology companies, and the research community.

Corporate and Business Development


The corporate and business development program includes activities to build and sustain relationships with the business community and to develop new ways of leveraging business interests to support the field.


Kathryn Roberts Chair
Stephen Fleming Chair-elect
David Gehm Immediate Past Chair
Carol Silver Elliott Secretary
Stephen Mcpherson Treasurer
Christie Hinrichs Treasurer
William L. Minnix Former President & CEO
James Burton Hudson Svp, Operations & New Business Development
Steven Horowitz Member
Roberta Jacobsen Member
Robert Kretzinger Member
Daniel Lindh Member
Alvin Loewenberg Member
Susan Mcdonough Member
Roberto Muniz Member
Karyne Jones Member
Terri Cunliffe Member
Michael King Member
Kathleen Martin Member
Marvin Mashner Member
Michael Rambarose Member
Danny Sanford Member
Kent Burgess Member
Marvell Adams Member
Pat Tursi At-large
Claire Guerette Ex-officio
Aline Russotto Ex-officio
Debra Zehr Ex-officio
Katrinka Smith Sloan President & CEO
Majd Alwan Svp, Technology/executive Director Cast
Niles Godes Svp, Congressional Affairs and Housing
Marsha Greenfield VP Health Legislation
Christopher Kasmark VP, Information Technology
Cheryl Phillips Svp, Pubic Policy & Health Services
Robyn Stone Svp, Research/executive Director
Alishia Parkhill Svp, Programs and Membership
Adrienne Ruffin Deputy Director, Cfar
Sharon Sullivan VP, Conferences and Exposition
Nancy Hooks VP, State Partnership
Cheryl Jackson VP, Human Resources & Administration
Cory Kallheim VP, Legal Affairs & Social Accountability
Leslie Knight VP, Member Relations
Bruce Rosenthal VP, Corporate Partnerships
Source: IRS 990