Learning Dynamics

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Learning Dynamics Inc
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Founded in 2009, Learning Dynamics is a human services nonprofit focused on human services n.e.c.. It is a relatively small organization, with $142k in revenue and 9 employees. Learning Dynamics is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and its executive director is Nicole Brown as of July, 2018.


Annual Budget
July 2018
33% Loss
Program Spending
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Assessment Services


We offer comprehensive and culturally-appropriate testing to determine giftedness, learning disabilities, and other disorders and offer recommendations for improvement.

Behavior Services


Referred to as Butterfly Bootcamp and College Connections, our behavior services prepare children in preschool through college with unique learning needs for successful participation in school, career, and community. Our program is designed to strengthen people's intellectual, emotional, and social abilities through customized individual and small group interventions. Participants and their primary caregivers learn vital skills for navigating their complex social and professional lives.



We offer evidence-based individual, couples, family, and group interventions to meet our clients' unique needs. Our therapeutic interventions assist people of all ages whose psychological, emotional, and/or educational difficulties are causing significant interpersonal distress. We offer superior services at reduced rates on a sliding scale.


Lizeth Lopez Associate Director
Marcus Brown Chairman of the Board
Janet Lockhart Board Treasurer
Timothy Rogers Board Member
Nicole Brown Executive Director
Source: IRS 990