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Founded in 1970, Lifequest is a human services nonprofit focused on developmentally disabled centers. It is a mid-sized organization, with $9.6m in revenue and 873 employees. Lifequest is headquartered in Mitchell, SD and its business man is Mark Limberg as of June, 2019.


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June 2019
+8% Growth
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Lifequest Provides Vocational Services (training, Job Coaching, Job Placement, Follow Up, Etc) To Approximately 150 People Who Have Developmental Disabilities. About 75 Have Jobs in the Community and About 75 Receive Vocational Training at the Agency's Day Program (m-f, 9


00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.).


Lifequest provides residential services to about 135 people who have developmental disabilities - 45 in group homes, 35 in supervised apartments, and 55 in monitored apartments in the community. Staff provide support services of all kinds - personal care, food services, shopping, transportation, social-recreational supports, etc.


Lifequest provides family support services (financial assistance, respite care, personal care, etc.) to about 700 families around the state of south dakota so that they can keep their sons and daughters at home, to prevent out-of-home placement.


Jeff Smith President
Melanie Mullenmeister Vice Preside
Wyonne Kaemingk Director
Pam Hanna Executive Director
Carl Beckstrom Director
Ken Stach Director
Renee Robbins Director
Abbie Arneson Director
Steve Morgan Director
Joe Childs Secretary/tr
Lyndon Overweg Director
Mike Tobin Director
Tracy Christensen Director
Steve Van Genderen Director
Mark Limberg Business Man
Source: IRS 990