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Founded in 1998, Living Room is a human services nonprofit focused on housing search assistance. It is a relatively small organization, with $3.4m in revenue and 38 employees. Living Room is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and its acting exc. director is Angela Susten as of December, 2017.


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December 2017
+33% Growth
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Living Rooms mission is to ensure people living with HIV/AIDS in Georgia obtain and maintain long term stable housing, while continuing to play a vital role in the lives of homeless and marginally housed people living with HIV/AIDS. Through our three Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Programs, the agency provided ongoing housing and utility subsidy for 208 households in 25% of the counties of the state of Georgia. Of these, 187 households received support in the 28-county metro Atlanta region, while 21 households received support in the 11-county northwest Georgia region. The agencys Intake Program conducted over 1,500 intake appointments, to provide short term mortgage or utility assistance to 198 households; permanent housing placement (first months rent assistance) to 117 households, and emergency lodging / recuperative care to 209 households. Living Room remains one of the few programs that provides emergency lodging to medically fragile homeless people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as providing culturally competent housing services for people who have a substance abuse issue, mental illness, or are transgender through the Special Needs Housing Assistance TBRA Program.


Nancy Koughan Secretary
Jonathan Darsey Chairman
Vanessa Kucera Vice Chair
Marcus Simms Treasurer
Charles Bowen Executive Dir.
Pamela Dorsett Director
Katherine Wooten Director
Gail Mclaurin Director
Jay Suender Director
Jonathan Shapero Director
Art Gomez Director
Angela Susten Acting Exc. Director
Source: IRS 990