Mid-America Orthopaedic Association Education and Research Fund

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Mid-america Orthopaedic Association Education and Research Fund
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Founded in 1996, Mid-America Orthopaedic Association Education and Research Fund is a recreation & sports nonprofit focused on sports associations & training facilities. It is a relatively small organization, with $168k in revenue and 2 employees.


Annual Budget
September 2019
+3% Growth
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Traveling fellowship1. Travel to another institution within the mid-america orthopaedic association 20-state geographic area to learn new techniques/procedures2. Two fellowships awarded up to $5,000 each 3. One fellowship reimbursement of $1,496 was done during 2017-2018 fiscal year

Multipurpose Resident Grants1. Used for Residents To


A. Fund travel to another institution to learn new techniques/procedures b. Fund an educational trip abroad c. Fund a research project at their home institutiontwo grants awarded at $4,000 each (two 2018-2019 awards paid during 2017-2018 fiscal year)

Education To Attend Maoa 2018 Annual Meeting.1. Used for Residents/fellows or New in Practice Orthopedists (first Two Years of Practice) To Attend Maoa Annual Meeting2. 35-40 Grants Awarded at $2,000-$2,500 Eachnote


40 grants were awarded for 2018 annual meeting (4 @ $2,000; 36 @ $2,500; $1,444.15 total returned from 2 recipients [funds not used]).

Source: IRS 990