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The Maryland Zoological Society Inc
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"The Maryland Zoo" — also known as "The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore" and formerly known as "The Baltimore City Zoo" or the "Baltimore Zoo" — is a 135-acre park located in historic Druid Hill Park in the northwestern area of the City of Baltimore, Maryland, with the postal address of 1876 Mansion House Drive. Druid Hill was opened in 1860 as the first major park purchase by the City under foreseeing Mayor Thomas Swann, and was later designed by famed nationally-known landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted, with additional work on various park buildings contributed by future Baltimore City Hall architect George A. Frederick, and Park Commissioner John H.B. Latrobe, who also was an accomplished lawyer, author, artist, amateur architect and civic leader. Olmsted had earlier won a contest for the design of plans for New York City's famed Central Park in mid-town Manhattan in 1858, a year after it opened, and worked on the massive public works project during its construction from 1858 to 1873.

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June 2019
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Visitor Services


Provide assistance to over 430,000 guests annually. Services include ticket and membership sales, shuttle service, carousel and train rides and animal experiences, including giraffe feeding penguin encounters. The zoo also provides security and first aid. Zoo publications include an annual report, monthly e-mail updates, and a tri-annual magazine, zoogram. The zoo maintains public relations and marketing programs (including website and social media) to inform visitors of zoo news and support positive guest experiences.

Flora and Fauna


Zoo staff provide daily care for over 1,500 animals from routine husbandry procedures, i.e. Care and feeding, training and enrichment, special assistance with breeding and births. Zoo animal, horticulture, maintenance and exhibit staff provide upkeep to exhibit areas, as well as gardens and fauna found elsewhere on zoo grounds.

Educational Services


The zoo offers a variety of educational programs for students and teachers, both on and off zoo grounds. Staff and volunteers are stationed throughout the zoo daily to teach guests about wildlife and conservation through stations, scripted talks, exhibit interpretation, and handling animal ambassadors. The zoomobile outreach program takes the zoo to classrooms, senior centers and other facilities all over the state.


James D. Witty Chairman
Jennifer E. Lowry Vice-chairman
W. Robert Zinkham Secretary
Christopher D. Holt Treasurer
Anne L. Donahue Vice President
Eric G. Orlinsky Vice President
Edward R. Brake Vice President
Nancy Noppenberger Executive VP of Finance/cfo
Hugo J. Warns III Immediate Past Chair
Michael H. Aldrich Trustee
Christine D. Aspell Trustee
John J. Buckley Jr. Trustee
Matthew S. Calhoun Trustee
Edward Callahan Trustee
Chadfield B. Clapsaddle Trustee
Richard J. Corcoran Jr. Trustee
Gregory A. Cross Trustee
Herbert J. Goldman Trustee
Matthew F. Gorra Trustee
Ingrid A. Harbaugh Trustee
Marta D. Harting Trustee
Christie D. Mcmullen Trustee
Jill H. Kamenetz Trustee
James Mchugh Trustee
Gabrielle M. Melka Trustee
Philip Nestico Trustee
John A. Picciotto Trustee
Mayor Catherine E. Pugh Trustee
Dr Scott M. Rifkin Trustee
C. Douglas Sawyer III Trustee
Jason M. St John Trustee
Thomas J. Stosur Trustee
Shawn Z. Tarrant Trustee
William H. Thrush Jr. Trustee
Charles E. Vieth Trustee
Sarah Griswold-johnson Trustee
Bradie C. Barr Trustee
Christopher A. Pope Trustee
James K. Wilhelm Trustee
Reginald Moore Trustee
Donald Hutchinson President/ceo
Karl Kranz Executive VP of Animal Programs
Nancy Hinds Executive VP of Institutional Advancement
Eva Devine VP of Human Resources
Diane Hutchins VP of Governmental Affairs
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