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California Master Masons founded the Masonic Homes of California over 100 years ago to provide organized relief to those in need. Today, in residential and community-based programs, the Masonic Homes cares for seniors and children in the name of every Mason in California- past, present and future. The Masonic Homes of California are a unifying symbol of the fraternal commitment to provide relief for the betterment of our members in need and society in general. Working in collaboration with individual Masons and Lodges, we eliminate those conditions in life that prevent people from achieving their full potential, enjoying satisfying relationships with family and friends and contributing to their communities.


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Operation of Homes for the Elderly (adult Residential Service)


Masonic Homes follows an "Aging in Place" approach to care and services. This means we try to bring needed services to residents instead of having them go to the services. Residents enjoy the security of knowing that multiple levels of care will be available to them on the same campus. The Masonic Homes of California offer the following levels of service:- Independent Living - Residents who qualify for Independent Living are able to provide all of their own care, even though some use walkers or canes. - Assisted Living - Residents are able to live independently while receiving assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, taking medications and dressing. - Skilled Nursing - The medical facility at Union City makes around-the-clock nursing and custodial care available to residents. Residents of Covina receive this level of care in facilities of community partners or on the Union City campus, depending upon their choices.- Memory Care - A 16-bed secure unit named Traditions is located on the Union City campus. It allows staff to provide optimal care and a protective environment for the residents. - Hospice - Both Homes in Union City and Covina offer a hospice program intended for residents who are suffering from a terminal illness or are in need of pain management. Hospice allows residents to stay in their own homes as long as possible.

Masonic Outreach Program


Masonic Homes of California knows that many of our constituents prefer to live out their lives in their own homes or home communities. Yet many need help coping with the challenges and issues associated with aging. In response, the Masonic Homes of California has expanded the Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) program to better meet the needs of our elderly constituents who wish to remain in their own home or community. Masonic Homes' goal is to provide our fraternal family members access to the services and resources they need to stay healthy and safe in their own homes or in retirement facilities in their home communities.Masonic Outreach Services include: - Ongoing financial and care support for those with demonstrated need, Interim financial and care support for those on the waiting list for the Masonic Homes of California Information and referrals to community-based senior providers across California, Some clients need help identifying appropriate service providers in their area; others need help developing a comprehensive care plan that addresses their physical, emotional and financial needs. MOS tailors its services to the needs of the client. For those clients who need financial assistance, a care plan and budget is developed that supports their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. The amount of support clients receive is determined by their needs. As needs change, so does the amount of support. MOS also provides financial and care management support to those with immediate and pressing needs who are on the waiting list for the Masonic Homes of California. We know waiting can be difficult when your needs are urgent.


Masonic Center for Youth and Families is a place where young people who struggle with behavioral, learning, and psychological problems can unlock their full potential. We help young people find their voices and then themselves. The mission of this program is to offer mental health services by our patient's needs rather than by artificially-imposed limitations; and to add our voice and experience to the public debate about effective assessment and treatment of children with behavioral and mental health issues.


Michael J. Cornel Vice Chairman
Arthur L. Salazar Jr. Treasurer
Allan L. Casalou Secretary
Thomas J. Boyer Chief Financial Officer
Gary Charland President and CEO
Russell E. Charvonia Trustee
Jeanne Fershleiser Trustee
Stuart A. Wright Trustee
Fred L. Avery Trustee
Garrett S. Chan Trustee
Richard W. Hopper Trustee
John A. Lindell Trustee
Marc A. Newman Trustee
Glenn D. Woody Trustee
Bruce R. Galloway Trustee
John E. Trauner Trustee
Larry L. Adamson Trustee
John F. Lowe Chairman
Pamela Friedman VP, Community Based Services
Franco Diamond Executive Director
Yvonne Wong Director, Pharmacy
John Fahy Assessment Director
Christine Gershtein Director, Quality Improvem
Kimberly Rich Administrator, Mcyaf
Michael Bronzo Medical & Research Director
Terrence Owens Former Clinical Director
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