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Founded in 1997, the mission of Medical Bridges is to bridge the healthcare gap by procuring medical, dental and surgical supplies and equipment for redistribution to qualified organizations and medical missions primarily in the developing world. Sponsoring organizations such as churches, civic groups, local corporations doing business abroad, and international organizations all have to apply to send medical supplies to clinics and/or hospitals in developing countries. The application process ensures that we are sending supplies to a qualified facility that serves the indigent population.


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December 2018
23% Loss
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Medical Bridges procures medical, dental and surgical supplies and equipment for redistribution to qualified organizations and health care professional primarily in the developing world. Medical Bridges procures donations of surplus supplies and equipment from hospitals, clinics, private practice physicians, medical supply companies, home health agencies, and private individuals.In 2017, Medical Bridges prepared and sent shipments to 24 countries. These shipments ranged in size from suitcases filled with sutures to 40-foot ocean-freight containers holding up to 1,200 boxes of supplies and equipment. Medical Bridges diligently assesses the multitude of requests received annually to ensure that consignees meet requirements both in terms of who receives the supplies and how the supplies are distributed to the community. Medical Bridges relies greatly on the expertise and time commitment of volunteers. Volunteers work in the distribution center and on special projects throughout the year; they routinely log in more than 4,000 hours each year.


Michael Weill Board Chair
Patricia Brock Howard Chair Emeritus
John L. Zipprich Ii Secretary
Denise Castillo-rhodes Treasurer
Hayne Blakely Director
J. David Clydemd Director
Margaret A. Goetz Director
David King Director
Bryan Lastrapes Director
William G. Lowerre Director
Mary T. Neal Director
Craig Nunez Director
Dorothy A. Bolettieri President & CEO
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