Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

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West Michigan Horticultural Society Inc
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Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park promotes the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the gardens, sculpture, the natural environment and the arts. Comprised of 158 acres of natural wetlands, woodlands, meadows and botanical gardens, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is a year round experience with indoor tropical, arid, Carnivorous, Victorian and seasonal gardens, world class changing sculpture galleries with shows by international artists, and outdoor acreage featuring a world-class sculpture park, Japanese garden, children's garden, historic Michigan's farm garden, amphitheater for summer concert events, nature trails and board walks. During the year, approximately 750,000 individuals were admitted to the gardens and 40,000 school children attended field trips.


Collections and Exhibitions


The frederik meijer gardens & sculpture park (meijer gardens) promotes the enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of gardens, sculpture, the natural environment and the arts. For 362 days a year, guests experience exhibitions on their own, through a guided tour, a tram ride or with a downloadable tour. Permanent exhibitions include indoor display gardens (tropical conservatory, arid garden, victorian garden, and carnivorous plants), acres of outdoor gardens and a world renowned sculpture collection. Temporary exhibitions include three sculpture exhibitions per year, butterflies are blooming (March and April), christmas and holiday traditions around the world (thanksgiving through the new year), chrysanthemums & more (sept/oct), and an ever-changing seasonal display house. During the summer months, artists perform concerts in our outdoor amphitheater. Throughout the fiscal year, approximately 692,270 guests have enjoyed our facility and grounds.



The hospitality area of meijer gardens includes taste of the gardens cafe (open during business hours for our guests), as well as the ability to enjoy social or corporate functions in one of our event spaces. Event gatherings may be enhanced with our on site audiovisual services and our catering and beverage service. All our event guests also have access to our gardens and sculpture collections while they are on site.



Meijer gardens offers educational opportunities for temporary exhibitions and permanent displays through interpretive signage, guided tours, looking guides, films, downloadable tours and interaction with knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Additional offerings include classes, camps, workshops, lectures, school tours and programs. Because we believe that learning should be fun and that the most effective education sparks curiosity, virtually all of our educational offerings are innovative and interactive. Approximately 177,300 children interacted with our exhibitions over the past year.



Provides our guests, members and donors the opportunity to shop for unique gifts. Our gift selection strives to focus on art, horticulture and education.

Membership Development


Allows our guests to purchase a membershipwhich allows them annual access to our organization to enjoy all of theseasonal changes that occur throughout the year. With this accesscomes benefits such as discounts at our gift shop and educationalclasses and camps, invitations to exhibition related events, and ourmembership magazine, seasons.


Michael Gaudino Chairperson
Nancy Hickey Secretary
Linda Chamberlain Vice Chairperson
Jeffrey Lambert Treasurer
Dawn Kibben VP Finance
Edward Vandam Director
Jon March Director
Mike Jeppesen Director
Shane Hansen Director
Elisa Lintemuth Director
Jocelyn Dettloff Director
Ryan Anderson Director
Tasha Blackmon Director
Scott Devecht Director
Meg Goebel Director
Charyn Hain Director
Todd Harvey Director
Matthew Heynen Director
Tamara Hibbitts Director
Ronald Hofman Director
Yang Kim Director
Gloria Lara Director
Janet Mason Director
Doriane Parker-sims Director
Mark Miller Director
Laina Mills Director
Hannah Naltar Director
Bonnie Nawara Director
Suzanne Eberle Director
Bill Padnos Director
Jim Preston Director
Bill Schoonveld Director
Joe Taber Director
Kathleen Vogelsang Director
Jill Walcott Director
Maryln Walton Director
Vicky Weller Director
Daniel Williams Director
Robert Wolford Director
John Zimmerman Director
Mark Mossing Director
Kim Bruyn Former Director
Joan Budden Former Director
Jeff Dean Former Director
Joy Fossell Former Director
Mary Mcloughlin Former Director
David Hooker President/ceo
Joseph Becherer VP Collections
Anne Benson Director of Development & Membership
Stacie Niedzwiecki Director of Hospitality
Kenneth Wenger VP Operations
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