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Founded in 2013, Memphis Data Partners for Children Inc is a human services nonprofit focused on research institutes & public policy analysis. It is a relatively small organization, with $116k in revenue and 3 employees. Memphis Data Partners for Children Inc is headquartered in Germantown, TN and its president is Doug Imig as of December, 2017.


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Memphis data partners (mdp) currently provides research and evaluation support to three key initiatives. First, mdp has designed and implemented several research-based evaluation strategies for the delta health alliance (a 501c3 organization) in the mississippi delta. These initiatives include the indianola promise community, a u.s. Department of education promise neighborhood, designed to move children from birth through school success and then into post-secondary enrollment. Mdp serves as the external evaluator of that effort. Similarly, mdp has helped to design and implement an evaluation strategy for the sunflower county childcare coalition, designed to improve the quality of early childhood care and education in the mississippi delta. Second, mdp has been working with a set of 501c3 organizations working to reduce the prevalence and mitigate the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ace factors) on child development and well-being. As part of this initiative, mdp is building an evaluation strategy for two foundation-funded universal parenting places. These centers are intended to support the development of stronger coping strategies and parenting skills of parents in families confronting high levels of toxic stress. Also as part of this engagement, mdp is working with a coalition of 501c3 organizations aligning their efforts to support optimal child development and family well-being. Mdp is working with this coalition to identify strong measures of their progress toward shared goals, and building a data-based infrastructure for tracking the effectiveness of their strategies in moving children and families toward better outcomes.third, mdp is working with another philanthropic foundation to provide research and evaluation support to their major aging initiative. This initiative is designed to build an infrastructure of support for the growing population of seniors in shelby county, tennessee. As part of this initiative, mdp has worked with the foundation's board of trustees to articulate their goals for the aging initiative, and to tie those goals to measureable objectives. In turn, mdp has provided research, evaluation, and facilitation support to an effort to build a coordinated community response to elder abuse.results and findings of mdp's research and evaluation are designed to be shared with practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, as well as the broader academic community. Products of the research will take the form of evaluation technical reports produced for individual non-profit organizations, and research and policy briefings produced for contributors to charitable organizations. A second set of deliverables will be produced that make use of the original data collected and analyzed in the charity's research. This information will inform a set of policy briefings and analysis reports translating the findings for broader public and academic audiences. The reports will be communicated to the public through seminars, lectures, public discussions, and through the publication of articles, papers, and books. All publications will be freely available for inspection and study at the headquarters of the organization and on the organization's website.


Joseph Hawes Secretary
Michael Bowers Director
Beverly Cross Director
Doug Imig President
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