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Mers Missouri Goodwill Industries
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Founded in 2001, MERS Missouri Goodwill's mission is "Changing lives through the power of work." MERS Missouri Goodwill provides a variety of programs and services to help support this mission. Some of the many programs and services offered are career counseling, skills training, education and literacy programs, employment services, and more. Our organization also provides job opportunities through the Custodial and Business Contracts Division. Those who are hired through the MERS Goodwill Custodial and Business Contracts Division become well-trained and reliable workers. MERS Goodwill is then able to better serve local businesses with services like office cleaning, snow removal, paper processing, and more. Our Retail Division offers many employment opportunities in our stores for people who may not otherwise be able to obtain employment..


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December 2019
+7% Growth
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Goodwill Stores


Not only are goodwill stores great for making the budget stretch, but they are wonderful employment opportunities for disabled individuals in our communtiy. Individuals working in these retail discount stores participate in a variety of vocational training and educational opportunitities including collecting donated material, reworking collected items, pricing, stocking and facilitating the sale of donated clothing and household items. Mers/missouri goodwill industries currently operates over 40 locations across missouri which receive over one million donations annually.

Employment and Training


Mers/missouri goodwill industries provides a variety of rehabilitation employment and training services for clients of various state agencies. Services include testing, evaluation, training, and placement. A sample of available programs includes:

* autism employment program

* brain injury employment program

* career counseling & vocational

* deaf & hard of hearing education

* developmental & intellectual

* education & literacy disabilities

Contract Services


Mers/missouri goodwill industries seeks to create opportunities to place individuals in productive environments that utilize their capacities to the fullest extent possible. Through the contracted services program, individuals can participate in a variety of vocational training programs. A sample of programs available include:

* assembly

* business

* custodial

* machine manufacturing

* paper processing


Darryl Jones Chairperson
Michael Iskiwitch 1st Vice Chairperson
Christopher Tabourne 2nd Vice Chairperson
James Mosqueda Secretary
Elizabeth Green Assistant Secretary of Bod
Barry Ginsburg Treasurer
Elliot Zucker Assistant Treasurer of Bod
C. Dawayne Barnett Chief Financial Officer
Edda Berti Director
Melissa Brickey Director
Judith Gall Director
Paul Kravitz Director
Kraig Kreikemeier Director
Gerald Kretmar Director
Robert Lefton Director
Louis Loebner Director
Harry Moppins Jr. Director
Joan Newman Director
George Philips Director
David Pickerill Director
Lynn Rothbarth Director
Kenneth Salky Director
Barry Sharon Director
Jay Summerville Director
Camille Toney Director
Tani Wolff Director
David L. Kutchback Chief Executive Officer
Mark R. Arens Executive Vice President
Mark O. Kahrs Executive Vice President
Jeffrey G. Cartnal Vice President
Philesa M. Johnson Vice President
Kristy M. Lance Vice President
Hilary S. Wagner Vice President
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