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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) was founded in 1870, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in New York City a Museum and library of art, of encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts, and the application of arts to manufacture and practical life, of advancing the general knowledge of kindred subjects, and, to that end, of furnishing popular instruction. The Met has since become the preeminent cultural institution in the Western Hemisphere, serving a public that extends far beyond New York City to all the United States and the world. As New York's premier tourist attraction, with nearly 4.7 million annual out of town visitors, the Museum serves all ages, from pre-school to senior citizens, and maintains a broad range of community and educational programs.


Annual Budget
June 2018
+15% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
Management Spending



Curatorial departments, including operation of the cloisters operations of breuer, conservation, cataloguing and scholarly publications (includes fellowship awards and travel stipends in the amount of $2,218,365) - see schedule o for more information

Acquisitions and Sales of Art


See schedule o for more information

Guardianship and Maintenance of the Museum and Its Art Collection


See schedule o for more information


Operation of restaurants


Special exhibitions


Education and libraries


Operating services






Operation of auditorium


Operation of parking garage


Corporate events & fundraising


RETAIL Operations


Daniel Brodsky Elective Trustee & Chairman
Russell L. Carson Elective Trustee & Vice Chair
Richard L. Chilton Jr. Elective Trustee & Vice Chair
Lulu C. Wang Elective Trustee & Vice Chair
Thomas P. Campbell Director To 7/17, Ex-off. Trus
Clyde B. Jones III SVP Inst. Advancement
Carrie R. Barratt Deputy Director Collections To 6/18
Quincy K. Houghton Deputy Director of Exhibitions
Sharon H. Cott Svp, Sec & Gen Counsel
Jameson Kelleher VP, CFO & Treasurer
Tom Javits VP Construction & Facilities
Rich Pedott VP & Gnl Mgr Merch From 7/17
Debra A. Mcdowell VP Human Resources To 10/17
Allison Rutledge-parisi Vp/chief HR Officer From 8/17
Kenneth N. Weine Vp/chief Comm Off. From 1/17
Suzanne E. Brenner Svp/chief Invest Off. To 11/17
Lauren A. Meserve Chief Investment Officer
Jeffrey Spar VP Tech & Chief Tech Officer
Charles N. Atkins Elective Trustee
Candace K. Beinecke Elective Trustee
Debra Black Elective Trustee
Samantha Boardman Elective Trustee
James Breyer Elective Trustee
Wellington Z. Chen Elective Trustee
N. Anthony Coles Elective Trustee
Stephen M. Cutler Elective Trustee
Blair Effron Elective Trustee
Mark Fisch Elective Trustee
Colvin Grannum Elective Trustee
Jeffrey W. Greenberg Elective Trustee
Caroline Diamond Harrison Elective Trustee
J. Tomilson Hill Elective Trustee
Bonnie B. Himmelman Elective Trustee
Hamilton E. James Elective Trustee
Philip F. Maritz Elective Trustee
Howard Marks Elective Trustee
Bijan Mossavar-rahmani Elective Trustee
John Paulson Elective Trustee
Jeffrey M. Peek Elective Trustee
Sir Paul Ruddock Elective Trustee
Alvaro Saieh Elective Trustee
Alejandro Santo Domingo Elective Trustee
Andrew M. Saul Elective Trustee
Andrew Solomon Elective Trustee
Beatrice Stern Elective Trustee
Ann G. Tenenbaum Elective Trustee
Merryl H. Tisch Elective Trustee
Anna Wintour Elective Trustee
Dasha Zhukova Elective Trustee
Marina Kellen French Elective Trustee To 9/17
Michael Byungju Kim Elective Trustee From 9/17
Bonnie J. Sacerdote Elective Trustee To 9/17
James E. Shipp Elective Trustee To 9/17
Mathew M. Wambua Elective Trustee From 5/18
Barrie A. Wigmore Elective Trustee To 9/17
Bill De Blasio Ex-officio Trustee
Melissa Mark-viverito Ex-officio Trustee To 1/18
Corey Johnson Ex-officio Trustee To 1/18
Mitchell J. Silver Ex-officio Trustee
Tom Finkelpearl Ex-officio Trustee
Scott Stringer Ex-officio Trustee
Daniel H. Weiss President/ceo, Ex-off. Trustee
Linda M. Sylling Spec Ex/gal Instl Mgr To 12/16
Justin V. Reed Investment Officer
Chiara Ponticelli General Merchandise Manager
Keith R. Christiansen Chairman, European Paintings
Stephen A. Manzi Chief Develop Officer Indiv
Will Manzer VP & Gnl Mgr Merch To 6/17
Elyse Topalian VP for Communications To 6/17
Source: IRS 990