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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), founded in 1900, is the largest art museum in America south of Chicago, west of Washington, D.C., and east of Los Angeles. The collection contains more than 68,000 artworks, which date from antiquity to the present. There are two major museum buildings, the Caroline Wiess Law Building and the Audrey Jones Beck Building; two facilities for the Glassell School of Art, the Studio School for Adults and the Glassell Junior School; two house museums that exhibit decorative arts, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens and Rienzi; and the Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden. In concert with Steven Holl Architects, the Museum is developing plans to create a new building for 20th- and 21st-century art and a new facility for the Glassell School of Art; those structures will link to the existing gallery buildings and sculpture garden by Isamu Noguchi, establishing a 14-acre public campus in the heart of Houston's Museum District.


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Form 990, Part Iii, Line 4a - Description of Program Services


Established in 1900 as a modest education initiative to bring art to houston public schools, the museum of fine arts, houston (mfah) remains steadfast in its mission to serve as a place for all people through excellence in the collection, exhibition, preservation, conservation, and interpretation of art. To that end, mfah public programming actively seeks to connect the institution with the community through exhibitions and activities held across houston. Each year, visitors engage with the museum's permanent collection of over 60,000 masterpieces from around the world, and with the artists and objects featured in special presentations and programs. By providing a broad range of educational and artistic activities, the museum seeks to capture the vibrant patchwork of houston's unique culture and to respond to the interests and needs of a diverse population. Thus, the vision of inclusion and accessibility on which the mfah was founded endures on through its innovative programs, which engage the entire community in the arts and in celebration of the diverse forms of creativity that intrigue, inspire, and excite us all.form 990, part iii, line 4b - description of program services:the mfah is the largest cultural institution south of chicago, west of washington, d.c., and east of los angeles, with a total of 300,000 square feet of space dedicated to the display of art. The majority of the museum's exhibitions and activities take place on its main campus, which comprises the caroline wiess law building, the audrey jones beck building, the glassell school of art, the glassell junior school, and the lillie and hugh roy cullen sculpture garden. Within these buildings, exhibition galleries and an educational resource center reside alongside the oldest repertory cinema in houston and one of the largest art libraries in the southwest. The rosine building encompasses the mfah archive - one of the country's first public art museum record repositories - and a state-of-the-art conservation and storage facility. Nearby are two remarkable house museums - bayou bend, given to the museum by texas philanthropist ima hogg, and rienzi, the former home of art patrons carroll and harris masterson, iii - providing exquisite settings for visitors to experience the museum's renowned american and european decorative arts collections in context. Over the years, the mfah has been privileged to acquire outstanding works of art representing a wide variety of geographic regions and historic periods. Particular strengths lie in pre-columbian art, renaissance and baroque painting and sculpture, 19th and 20th century art, african-american art, photography, and latin american art. Bayou bend houses on of the finest assemblages of early american furniture, silver, ceramics, and paintings outside of new england: and rienzi showcases one of the most important collections of english porcelain outside of the united kingdom. Chief among the museum's current acquisition, exhibition, and scholarship priorities are the arts of the americas, the islamic world, and asia. In 2001, the mfah established the international center for the arts of the americas, a research institution designed to address the widespread lag in scholarship and collection of latin american and latino art. The museum has established a new department of islamic art, which is devoted to building a renowned permanent collection, organizing innovative exhibitions of islamic art, and hosting stimulating educational and interpretive programs. At the same time, the museum is also deepening its commitment to asian art, actively seeking to increase its relevant holdings and promote cultural understanding, beginning with the December 2007 opening of the newly renovated arts of korea gallery, followed by the establishment of the indonesian gold gallery and the May 2009 opening of the nidhika and pershant mehta arts of india gallery. This work to explore the rich traditions of each country by juxtaposing ancient and contemporary works continued with the establishment of dedicated galleries for the art of china and japan in 2010. In September 2010, bayou bend collection and gardens, the mfah house museum for american decorative arts, opened the lora jean kilroy visitor and education center. The visitor center features an orientation gallery, a library, a retail shop, two meeting rooms, public terraces, and ample parking. Designed by houston architect leslie k. Elkins, the building achieved a leed silver certification for its environmental efficiencies. Form 990, part iii, line 4c - description of program services:offering art education, studio instruction, and community outreach, the mfah is dedicated to supporting research and cultivating innovation within the arts and related disciplines. The mfah is partnering with rice university to strengthen art instruction at undergraduate and graduate levels.the mfah is partnering with rice university to pursue leading-edge scientific research aimed at advancing current techniques for art conservation. With generous support from the andrew w. Mellon foundation, the museum has established a research science program dedicated to thorough investigation and analysis of works of art. In a related effort, the museum developed an art conservation database (acd), a web-based database that will provide a system for easily accessing conservation records, informing all collection procedures and policies, and serving as a national model for conservation data management and collection care. In acknowledgment of the acd's impact on the field, the institute for museum and library services has recognized the museum with a national leadership award.


Mr Richard D. Kinder Life Trustee, Chairman
Mrs Anne S. Duncan Life Trustee, Vice-chrairman
Mr Frank J. Hevredejs Life Trustee, Treasurer
Mrs Cornelia C. Long Life Trustee Chrmn Emritus
John Willard Holmes Chief Operating Officer
Amy Purvis Chief Development Officer
Eric Anyah Chief Financial Officer
Mr Isaac Arnold Jr. Life Trustee
Ms Anne L. Schlumberger Life Trustee
Dr Marjorie G. Horning Life Trustee
Mr Ej Hudson Jr. Life Trustee
Mrs Clare Attwell Glassell Life Trustee
Mrs Nancy Brown Negley Life Trustee
Ms Alice C. Simkins Life Trustee
Mrs Jeanie Kilroy Wilson Life Trustee
Mr Richard D. Wortham III Life Trustee
Mrs Gail F. Adler Trustee
Mrs Sushila Agrawal Trustee
Mr Charles Butt Trustee
Mrs Karol Barnhart Trustee
Mr Jack S. Blanton Jr. Trustee
Mr Brad Bucher Trustee
Ms Jereann H. Chaney Trustee
Ms Bettie Cartwright Trustee
Dr Anne S. Chao Trustee
Mrs Sara S. Morgan Trustee
Mrs Michael G. Cousins Trustee
Ms Franci Neely Trustee
Mrs Mary Cullen Trustee
Mrs Rosanette Cullen Trustee
Mrs Rania Daniel Trustee
Mrs Linnet F. Deily Trustee
Mrs Louisa Stude Sarofim Trustee
Mr Holbrook F. Dorn Trustee
Mr Rodney J. Eichler Trustee
Mrs Lela Gibbs Trustee
Mr Tom Glanville Trustee
Mrs Sandra Godfrey Trustee
Mr Alfred C. Glassell III Trustee
Ms Carroll R. Goodman Trustee
Mrs Windi Grimes Trustee
Mr Martyn E. Goossen Trustee
Mr William J. Hill Trustee
Mr Ronald E. Huebsch Trustee
Ms Carla Knobloch Trustee
Mrs Bobbie Nau Trustee
Mrs Pamela F. Ott Trustee
Mr James Edward Maloney Trustee
Mrs Mary F. Johnston Trustee
Mr Andrius Kontrimas Trustee
Mr Lenoir M. Josey Ii Trustee
Mr Michael C. Linn Trustee
Mr Douglas L. Lawing Trustee
Mrs Rolanette Lawrence Trustee
Mrs Margaret Alkek Williams Trustee
Mr William N. Mathis Trustee
Mrs Lisa M. Mears Trustee
Mrs Nidhika O. Mehta Trustee
Ms Nancy Powell Moore Trustee
Ms Joan Morgenstern Trustee
Mrs Laurie Morian Trustee
Mrs Cynthia Petrello Trustee
Mrs Susanne Pritchard Trustee
Mrs Tina Pyne Trustee
Mrs Lynn S. Wyatt Life Trustee
Ms Beth Robertson Trustee
Mr Manolo Sanchez Trustee
Mrs Courtney Lanier Sarofim Trustee
Mrs Aliyya Kombargi Stude Trustee
Mrs Eliza Stedman Trustee
Mr Barron F. Wallace Trustee
Mr James D. Weaver Trustee
Dr Frazier Wilson Trustee
Mrs Cyvia G. Wolff Trustee
Mrs Nina O'leary Zilkha Trustee
Mrs Zeina N. Fares Trustee
Mr George B. Kelly Trustee
Mrs Colleen Kotts Trustee
Mrs Barbara Webber Trustee
Mr Frank N. Carroll Trustee
Mr Peter R. Coneway Trustee
Mrs Sara Paschall Dodd Trustee
Mr Gregory E. Fourticq Jr. Trustee
Mrs Barbara G. Gamson Trustee
Ms Cecily E. Horton Trustee
Mr Jesse H. Jones Ii Trustee
Mrs Elise Elkins Joseph Trustee
Mrs Sima Ladjevardian Trustee
Mrs Macey Hodges Reasoner Trustee
Mrs Judy Spencer Tate Trustee
Mrs Phoebe Tudor Trustee
Gary Tinterow Director
Darren A. Bartsch Investment Officer
Julia R. Petty Controller
David Bomford Chairman, Conservation
Malcolm Daniel Curator Dept Photography
Mary Haus Head Market & Communicatio
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