Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

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Mid-columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group
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Founded in 2004, Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group is an environment nonprofit focused on water resources, wetlands conservation & management. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.6m in revenue and 18 employees.


Annual Budget
June 2018
+16% Growth
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In this fiscal year, MCFEG improved 21 miles of stream through wood placement and trash removal. MCFEG removed 340 cubic yards of junk from streams and installed three engineered wood structures and an additional 452 pieces of large wood to streams and floodplains to improve fish habitat. MCFEG planted 1,750 native trees and seeded 11 floodplain acres with native grasses. MCFEG controlled invasive weeds on 88 acres. MCFEG maintained 4 miles of fencing and constructed a vehicle barrier to protect steam habitat. MCFEG monitored 47 miles of streams and removed 94 recreational dams that could block fish passage. MCFEG collected 200 environmental DNA samples to better understand fish distribution. MCFEG provided hands-on outdoor education to 1,832 K-12 students and 14 college interns. More than 400 community members volunteered on projects. Outreach programs reached an additional 2,700 community members.


Glenn Miller President
Marc Harvey Treasurer
Sherry Penney Secretary
Margaret Neuman Executive Director
Lynn Hatcher Board Member
Patrick Connolly Board Member
David Bouta Board Member
Source: IRS 990