Milton Hershey School

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Milton Hershey School & School Trust
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The Milton Hershey School is a private philanthropic boarding school in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Originally named the Hershey Industrial School, the institution was founded and funded by chocolate industrialist Milton Snavely Hershey and his wife, Catherine Sweeney Hershey.

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Elliott H. Robinson VP Administration
Joan K. Singleton VP Human Resources
Lisa Rashid VP - Communications
Eric Henry Acting Treasurer
Andrew H. Cline VP Legal Affrs/gen Counsel
Linda Vettori Assistant Secretary
Freda F. Martine VP of Edu and Student Life
Steven Sparks Esq. Secretary
Jan L. Bergen Board of Managers Began 4/17
Melissa L. Fullmore Board of Managers Began 4/17
James Katzman Board of Managers Began 4/17
Robert F. Cavanaugh Board of Managers To 12/16
James M. Mead Board of Managers
James E. Nevels Board of Managers To 12/16
Velma A. Redmond Esq. Board of Managers
Joseph M. Senser Board of Managers To 12/16
Robert Connor Heist Board of Managers
David Saltzman Board of Managers
M. Diane Koken Board of Managers
James Brown Board of Managers
Hershey Trust Company Trustee
Peter G. Gurt President
Annette K. Cole Gill Head-elementary Division
Beth J. Shaw Executive Director- Student Support
William H. Weber III Head of Senior Division
Timothy C. Fake Senior Director IT
John J. Osmolinski Senior Director Construction/fac
Erica M. Weiler-timmons Director Psychological Service
Denise L. Alston Dds Director Dental Services
David C. Miller Jr. Senior Director Risk Management
Joan E. Steel Board of Managers To 7/9/16
Stephanie Bell-rose Board of Managers To 3/26/16
Marc A. Woolley Esq. Secretary To 6/30/2016
John Estey Esq. Interim President To 7/14
Thomas A. K. Queenan CFO To 6/16
Source: IRS 990